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News today 24×7 is a digital news portal that offers right information and news updates consistently with ethical journalistic standards. It is a platform you can rely on because of its team, which is committed, loyal, and well-updated about the most recent events.


Stay tuned for latest news in Nagpur on News today 24×7 with a wide range of topics including Nagpur politics, crime news, sports, fashion, culture, industries, civic bodies, latest news Nagpur & trends, education and civic issues. Nagpur is transforming as the City beyond oranges. From Breaking news in Nagpur to civic body issues and cultural events, all the information you need is just one click away.

The growing metropolis is reviving its historical roots restoring its ancient glory while gearing up for the fast pace life with the newly arrival of Nagpur Metro & IT Companies in Mihan.


Growing Digital readership

While the print still garners a huge share in readership, Digital readership continues to grow. From daily news updates to food festivals happening in Nagpur city, News today 24×7 is a digital news source that offers news consistent with ethical journalistic standards. The brand’s and its team’s attention to mass media is demonstrated by the ongoing expansion in social reach. A single click can now get the news.

News & Events

Newstoday 24×7 broadcasts news and events to keep the public abreast of the most recent Nagpur developments. It covers hard-to-reach news to draw attention to significant but generally unnoticed events. It is a digital platform that distributes news and events across all social media platforms to broaden the audience for those events.


For the People, of the People

Our platform aims to be a middle ground for common people and knowledge experts. News today 24×7 has covered 10652+ stories which covers the breaking news in Nagpur, crime news and over a range of crucial and human-interest subjects.

Newstoday24x7 is among the fastest growing and upbeat news platform for latest news and updates, crime news and Breaking newsin Nagpur. Latest marathi news in Nagpur is also available on our portal

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