“Nupur” became Japanese doll

– Japanese youth got married as per Hindu customs in Nagpur

Nagpur :- It is said that love is blind… it does not recognize the boundaries of any caste, religion, creed, community or nation. But love is tied to the thread of trust. The strength of that string is the basis and dedication of that relationship. Such a string of faith and dedication made “Nagpuri Doll” a “Japanese Doll”. With the love, dedication and trust of the Japanese youth, Nagpur’s “Nupur” happily became a “Japanese Doll”.

Although many cases of marriage with foreign girls have come to light, but the case in Nagpur looked quite different on Friday. Naoshige Nakamura (Nao), a young man from Japan, got married to Nupur from Nagpur as per Hindu customs in Nagpur. Nupur is the daughter of Raju Vitthalrao Jumde and Savita Raju Jumde. Relatives thoroughly enjoyed this unique marriage. Also enjoyed delicious dishes along with Band Baaja Baaraat. A special thing about this marriage was that this Japanese youth Nao from Japan reached Nagpur alone to get married.

According to the information, Nao has no parents. He works alone as a bilingual in Akso City, Japan. Nupur has also got a job as a bilingual in the same city.

The background of this marriage is such that Japanese youth Nao met her during online classes. When Nupur was teaching English language to Japanese people through online classes from Pune city 8 years ago. At that time Nao was also a disciple of Nupur. After some time, in October 2022, Nupur went to Axo city to learn Japanese language.

During that time, one day Nupur received Nao’s message on her mobile. Nupur recognized Nao because of the photo that she was teaching him English.

Both of them met in Akso city. Nao helped Nupur a lot while she was learning Japanese. Both of them kept meeting. But a time came when Nupur’s health worsened after crossing the seven seas. At that time, there was no one of our own in this unknown country, but Nao supported Nupur in that difficult phase with complete dedication, trust and love. What to support, he considered every work of Nupur as his own and did it at her house.

This incident made a place for Nao’s love in Nupur’s mind also. His sense of dedication and faith attracted Nupur also towards him. Now was already impressed with Nupur. But that opportunity was not becoming the norm. Nupur’s illness brought the two closer and a love story began.

During this time, Nupur also completed her graduation in Japanese language in Akso city of Japan. Trust, dedication and love had made their home between the two. Nao proposed marriage to Nupur. Then Nupur proposed to her parents that she wanted to marry Nao. Indian culture parents were not mentally prepared for this marriage. But after the daughter’s persuasion, the parents agreed to this marriage. It was decided that the marriage should be solemnized in Nagpur as per Indian culture and Hindu customs. The date was fixed. The marriage took place on 23 March 2024 with complete Hindu rites at Mangaldeep Auditorium, Chhatrapati Chowk in Nagpur.

This was a different experience for Nao. Yanao also got influenced by Indian rituals and completed the entire process of marriage with complete dedication and faith.

Japanese groom Nao told at this time that Indian tradition, Indian food, Indian joint family and its relationships kept attracting him from the beginning. After meeting Nupur, he became more attracted to her and got ready for marriage in Nagpur. He told that he is feeling very happy after marriage. The love and trust that he received here has made him even stronger. He assured that he will always maintain complete love, trust and dedication towards Nupur.

Nupur’s relatives performed everything from haldi to jaymala to wedding procession. We got the opportunity to witness such a unique marriage. Best wishes to both of them for their bright future.

– Dr. Pravin Dabli

– 9422125656

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