375 Bedded Multi-speciality Healing Hospital in Pune inaugurated by DCM Fadnavis, Pawar!

– Ambar Ayade, Pune’s Ubharta Sitara!!

This one project is unique! I call it unique because the project, a brain child of Ambar Ayade, given a go ahead by Devendra Fadnavis, implemented by the current Shinde-Fadnavis-Pawar government, and the oppositions were dying to be on the stage at the time of the it’s bhoomi poojan. Isn’t this unique where the opposition wants to steal the credit ? NCP Sharad Pawar group’s one corporator, Sachin Dodke, got billboards and flexes advertised everywhere claiming it was due to ‘his’ efforts of 7 years that this project is seeing light today; and to top that he showed some GR of 2015 to the organisers and also self invited himself along with MP Supriya Sule to the program, who came too thinking it is this Dodke’s project! But where is Ajit Pawar going to leave this opportunity to have a go at Surpriya Sule and that too after knowing the facts…When his turn came to speak on the Dias, he pinched Sule and Dodke, that how is it 7 years of efforts when the project itself was conceptualised by Ambar Ayade and discussed with Fadnavis just 1.5 years back ? Supriya was embarrassed and Dodke knew, aaj lag gaye…

Jokes apart, but this project is totally a new concept altogether. When I got more information about it, boss, if such projects are implemented in the Public Health sector, I am telling you no Tanaji or any Health Minister in future will make money from this department in public health schemes. Basically, this project is a 375 bedded multi-speciality healing hospital coming up at Warje, Pune. This project is not funded either by the State Government or the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) nor has PMC given any financial guarantees, any collaterals, or any mortgages to the banks or anyone. It is totally done by 2 countries i.e. Germany and Netherlands. The export credit finance of Rs. 380 crores (43 million euros with just 1% rate of interest cumulatively over 10 years) is made available by Germany and if there is any political change in power even that political and commercial risk is covered by Netherlands. Not a single rupee will be spent by the Government or the PMC, and Pune’s healthcare will see a dynamic change when the hospital is fully operational in 2027. The hospital will be managed and looked after by an institution having International standards and the entire medical equipment will be provided by Government approved institutions of the Netherlands only, such is the class!

Don’t think that if these are the standards, will it be affordable for the middle class or not? The treatments will be available at a very cheap cost, and 10% to 15% of the beds will be provided free of cost treatments to the poor as per government norms. All Central/State government schemes will be implemented in this hospital and in fact the PMC will be generating Rs 90 lakh rentals per annum. The institution that runs this hospital will be making the payments to the investors which makes it completely risk free for the PMC and to the state government.

This was about the project; now see how it saw the light. Ambar Ayade is an enthusiast in the health care sector. During covid too, he ran a successful Covid Jumbo centre. It was his brainchild that Pune should have a health care facility centre and that too of International standards. He went to his ‘guru’ Devendra Fadnavis who in the second part 2022 was preparing for Goa elections. The idea of Ambar was heard, and Df’s trusted leuteinant Kaustubh Dhavse was roped in to get this job done. Not many know or will acknowledge it, but it is Dhavse who is the brainchild of 95% of FDI’s coming in Maharashtra, since 2015! Kaustubh along with Ambar designed the whole plan and met with dignitaries of both the countries several times to get it implemented. Shrikar Pardeshi of the DCMO has been a pillar to Ambar too.

Ajit Pawar who is the guardian minister of Pune took keen interest in it and was actively seeking updates. CM Eknath Shinde’s contribution too cannot be sidelined. IAS and PMC COmmissioner Vikram Kumar who himself is an expert in foreign investments was the most crucial person in getting this project implemented at the ground level; he along with his AMC (PMC) Ravindra Binwade have toiled day-in-day-out for this project to come up and made time whenever foreign dignitaries came to Pune for meetings. Basically the need to come up with such a facility was that this land parcel was reserved for a hospital for the last 18 years and nothing came up here and the rise of grave accidents on the Navle bridge was one of the biggest factors.

Ambar, what a job brother! Now see to it, it is operational and fully functional by 2027. You have able bureaucrats helping and guiding you. Friends, If there are 10 to 15 Ambar Ayade’s in Maharashtra who have the guts and mindset to resurrect our crippled health care, it will be a blessing. Today all the huge projects this public health department floats, be it any government, not one goes without kickbacks and %. Ambar, you are a soldier of the DF army. I am sure in the future there will be ample responsibilities on you. One project of 102 ambulance Service sector is not yet taken over by anyone…If this same model or even the PPP model can be adopted, it will save lives!

Fadnavis surely has this knack of encouraging young minds and this time too, he hasn’t failed while putting his trust in Ambar Ayade. Good luck Ambar!!

– Vikrant Hemant Joshi

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