Traders Across the Country Organized a Special “Thank You Modi Ji” Program to Celebrate Praveen Khandelwal’s Election as BJP MP

– Expressing Gratitude Through Musical Performance, Over 5000 Traders from Across the Country Thanked PM Modi

New Delhi :- Monday morning at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi was incredibly special. The gathering of traders from every corner of the country made the celebration of the BJP’s victory from Chandni Chowk even more remarkable. The occasion was to honor and express support for BJP MP Praveen Khandelwal, representing 9 crore traders from across the country. The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) organized a special program titled Thank You Modi Ji to express gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on behalf of traders nationwide for Khandelwal’s election as the BJP MP from Chandni Chowk. Over 5000 traders from more than 25 states participated in this event, and renowned artists from the music world supported and thanked Prime Minister Modi through their musical performances.

Trader leaders from all states of the country unanimously expressed their faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, hoping that during the current government’s term, new business opportunities would be created nationwide, domestic trade would be strengthened, the tax system would be simplified under the ease of doing business, and many supportive policies for export trade would be introduced. They also hoped that the difficulties of e-commerce would be resolved, and all efforts would be made for traders to adopt technology.

On this occasion, CAIT National President B.C. Bhartia, while honoring newly elected BJP MP from Chandni Chowk  Praveen Khandelwal, highlighted his dedication and hard work for traders, saying, “Through CAIT, Praveen Khandelwal has selflessly worked for decades for the country’s 9 crore traders. It is the result of this effort that traders nationwide strongly support him today. He has consistently raised every issue related to retail and trade and fought long battles for their interests. His foresight, organizational ability, and skillful personality have earned him respect as a leader among traders across the country. It is a matter of pride for the 9 crore traders of the country that he will represent us in Parliament. Having worked among us, he will now present our concerns and pain in Parliament and find solutions, and we have complete confidence in him.”

In this program, senior leaders from all states congratulated Khandelwal on becoming an MP and expressed their best wishes. Overwhelmed by the love and support of traders across the country, Khandelwal said, “I was a trader yesterday, I am a trader today, and I will remain a trader in the future. The love and support I have received from you is my greatest asset, and I promise never to let your honor and respect diminish. I have never worked for any position, and now, with your support, I will spend every day working for your upliftment with the position I have received.”

Khandelwal announced that he would begin his tenure as an MP on June 11 and said that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Your MP at Your Door initiative, he would hold “Jan Chaupals” at various locations in his constituency from June 11, sitting on footpaths or any public place daily to address people’s problems. He said, “This victory is not mine; it is the victory of the 9 crore traders who have complete faith in PM Modi’s guarantee.”

The program showcased various colors of the country, and the excellent musical performances mesmerized everyone.

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