Maharashtra Governor inaugurates Conference on AI in Healthcare

Mumbai :-Maharashtra Governor Ramesh Bais inaugurated a Mid Term Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Health Services and Medical Education at Bombay Hospital in Mumbai on Sun (28 April).

The Conference was organised by the National Academy of Medical Science and Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences.

Describing Artificial Intelligence as revolutionary technology that is set to alter the perspective of healthcare, the Governor expressed the hope that AI will help in reducing the cost of diagnosis and treatment. While appealing to the doctors and specialists to harness the power of technology, the Governor asked them to maintain good communication and personal touch with the patients.

The Governor felicitated past Chairpersons and Fellows of NAMS on the occasion. Dr B K Goyal (posthumous), Dr L H Hiranandani (posthumous), Dr Ashok Gupta, Dr Satish Khadilkar, Dr Arun Jamkar were among those felicitated on the occasion.

Chairman of National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS) Dr Shiv Kumar Sarin, Co Chairman Dr Ashok Gupta, Conference Chairman Dr Satish Khadikar, President – Elect NAMS Dr Digambar Behra, Medical Director of Bombay Hospital Trust Dr Rajkumar Patil, Head of Cardiology Dr Anil Sharma, Doctors, Specialists and delegates were present.

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