Nagpur :- No Jumla. India is bigger than any political party or leader. It deserves much much better. It is up to you now. Thank you.

1) The BIGGEST SCAM SINCE 1947: Electoral Bonds. Corruption, Criminality and Crony capitalism combined. The government told the SC; People have no right to know who funds political parties

2) Chandigarh Mayor election fraud under cameras: SC said; Murder of Democracy, mockery of democracy.

3) Patanjali: The government allowed the company to fraud Indians during Covid. Why?

4) Farmers were lied to by saying their income will double by 2022. Agriculture growth has been below average.

5) Demographic dividend story destroyed; Record unemployment among the young in India, has effectively damaged the “ India story”. 2 crore jobs per yer were promised.

6) The Great Washing Machine of BJP: 23 out of 25 opposition leaders who joined the BJP found their cases closed or in cold storage.

7) Abuse of Power: 95% of cases against opposition leaders by CBI/ED/IT etc.

8) Over 500,000 Indians died during Covid, and will you ever forget the nightmare of second Covid wave of 2021 ever in your life?

9) Instead of giving credit to vaccine manufacturers, a politician’s face was marketed on Vaccine certificates even as people were dying left, right and center. No other world leader sold themselves amidst the humanitarian tragedy.

10) Operation Lotus and resort politics to buy MLA’s lowered India’s stature. India resembled a banana republic.

11) MLA Stock Exchange boomed during 2014-24 as many opposition governments were toppled. Source of funds? Cash? Or was threats enough?

12) Lynching deaths in mob violence made India look like a Ku Klux Klan republic. But nobody cared.

13) Over 150 deaths and nearly 50,000 homeless in Manipur, but the PM of India has not even visited the state in 10 months. That is okay? Really?

14) What happened to the extradition of Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, Mehul Choksi etc?

15) Do you know who is India’s Lok Pal and what exactly are they doing on anti-corruption since 2014? The UPA was defeated on this issue despite the fact that they passed the RTI and Lok Pal Act. You are fine with this?

16) In Dharam Sansads there was an open call for the genocide of Muslims. A deathly silence from the powers that be has since followed.

17) CAG pointed out serious corruption charges of approximately Rs 7.75 Lakh crore in the handling of infrastructure projects. No discussion because blanked out by Big Media

18) Rafale Scam: Yet to be investigated; why was a big industrialist favored over India’s biggest defense manufacturer HAL ? This issue is far from closed. Will need to be reopened.

19) The Adani Group Scam: The allegations are yet to be fully investigated. This does not need further elaboration as the markets have spoken. SEBI/SC looking into it. A potential financial heist could emerge.

20) The PM in 10 years has not held a SINGLE press conference, a world record. Seriously??? Why would that be? Democracy?

21) The 11 rapists of Bilkis Bano who was gangraped during the 2002 Gujarat riots were released on India’s 75th anniversary of Independence Day. Nari Shakti, anyone?

22) Women wrestling champions of India were forced to protest on the streets of Delhi for justice for many months, as they accused a BJP MP of sexual harassment. No one bothered.

23) A former Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Satya Pal Malik ( a BJP leader ) alleges that he was told to keep quiet after the Pulwama terror attack that killed 40 brave soldiers. A disturbing expose which has not been followed up. Why?

24) Over 16-20 lakh Indians have surrendered their citizenship and / or left India during the last decade. Acche Din? Why would they do so if everything was hunky dory?

25) Inequality has worsened during the last 10 years with 1% of Indians owning over 40% of its wealth. Inequality is worse than during the British Raj and only one rank better than South Africa.

26) On an average over 30% of our children are stunted, underweight, wasted etc. And yet, health budgets are barely growing. Why?

27) Free foodgrains for over 57% of Indians for 5 years shows that poverty and destitution remains disturbingly high. The PR says Amrit Kaal?

28) Average GDP growth during 10 years of BJP rule of 2014-24 is just 5.9%, way below Congress/UPA’s 7.8%. In the last 5 years ( 2019-24), GDP average growth has been 4.1%. That’s why the USD 5 trillion spin that was promised in 2024?

29) Make in India was another jumla; the share of manufacturing in India’s GDP has dipped to around 14%

30) The RTI act, empowering citizens, has been steadily diluted. Afraid to disclose?

31) A record 146 MP’s were suspended from the opposition, and bills passed without any discussion.

32) On a Jaipur-Mumbai train, a railway police constable went on a shooting spree targeting Muslims. Can you imagine the anger and hate within? Who is causing it? Why?

33) Snooping and surveillance is rampant; besides Pegasus spyware, there was the issue of Apple iPhones being hacked. A thorough investigation never really happened.

34) A BJP MP in Parliament named Ramesh Bidhuri used the obscenest offensive speech against Muslims. No action taken against him.

35) 75% of all hate-speeches have happened in BJP ruled states.

36) The SBI became a puppet bank, as it tried to obstruct investigation into Electoral Bonds at the behest of the government. Another one bites the dust.

37) A HC Judge who suddenly resigned and joined the BJP said: I cannot make up my mind between Mahatma Gandhi and Nathuram Godse, when asked to choose in a rapid-fire round on TV. This is the ideology amongst the educated in the ruling party?

38) Rural real wages of agriculture labour, unorganized sector and the self-employed has remained stagnant over the last decade. Farmer suicides are averaging over 10,000. That’s why the farmers are on the streets.

39) India’s independent institutions such as the Election Commission, ED, CBI, IT, NIA, PSU’s etc are all weak and are being strangulated further every day in front of our eyes.

40) The Great Washing Machine saga : Extortion, mafia-style is evident. Criminals overnight become approvers. Where does the ordinary Indian go? Is Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest justified?

41) On Electoral Bonds, besides threats and favors, there is obvious use of black money, as companies with no income and profits, donated money. Where did they get the money from?

42) In Lakhimpur-Kheri, several farmers were maliciously run over by a jeep which had prominent leaders from the BJP. The case is nowhere near closure.

43) 42% of Modi’s cabinet has criminal charges against them. How can change ever happen?

44) SC Judge on Demonetization: Where is the black money?? This is another scam like Electoral Bonds. An investigation is a must.

45) 40% of children between 14-18 years unable to read, write or do math’s of standard 2.

46) Police constables kicked Muslims offering namaaz, while students were beaten up for offering Ramazan prayers in a hostel. Is this what India should be?

47) Dalits and Adivasis have faced extreme penury, discrimination ( Rohit Vemula case and Unna thrashing) and marginalization. Caste bigotry has worsened during the last 10 years.

48) Mahua Moitra targeted for exposing the Adani issue repeatedly in parliament and public. Scared?

49) BJP leaders like Anant Hegde and others openly threatening about changing India’s constitution after 2024 if they were to win. Hindu Rashtra on the way?

50) The top 10 most polluted cities in the world are in India. Should that not bother us? What changed since 2014? Did they become a Smart City?

51) Whatever happened to the investigation in money laundering cases exposed in the Panama Papers, Paradise Papers, Paragon Papers etc.??? Rs 15 lakh came in your bank account?

52) India’s ranking in key Global Index : Human Development Index ( 134 of 193), Per Capita Income ( 131), Global Hunger Index ( 107 out of 121), World Press Freedom Index ( 161 out of 180), Gender Disparity Index ( 127 out of 146), Environmental Performance Index ( 180 out of 180). It is a dismal story of failure and incompetence.

53) Why is the public of India not being told about the PM-CARES Fund: source of money, utilization, etc?? Why the secrecy? What is there to hide? Has it been used for political purposes?

54) Is there any justification for arresting writers, activists, journalists, etc. under charges of sedition and anti-terrorism because they questioned the government? Disha Ravi, a 23 year old girl was arrested for fanning a global conspiracy against India. How bizarre can one get?

55) Why are think-tanks, Amnesty International, NGO’s etc. being regularly hounded? Is this free speech?

56) The famous case of BK-16 is worrying, as it alleges that evidence was planted against the accused using digital hacking; in that case, is anyone safe? Are you safe?

57) Why is the government silent on Chinese incursion on Indian soil? Is that the reason why they allowed the renowned activist Sonam Wangchuk to fast for 21 days and completely ignore him?

58) The Agniveer scheme makes a mockery of building a strong skilled permanent defense manpower. Does this government even have the right to talk about national security?

59) When an 84 year old activist Stan Swamy is denied even a sipper to drink water and dies while in captivity, can we deny that we have become a brutal authoritarian police state?

60) This government lives in the past; it is rewriting history, dropping uncomfortable truths, one of them being that its founders did not participate in India’s freedom struggle. But can one change facts, historically recorded and available in libraries and the internet?

The above is a list compiled using elementary mental recollection of the prominent events post-2014, but it is far from exhaustive. I will update this from time to time. Please share liberally on social media and WhatsApp groups you are part of.

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha

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