RTE server Slow ?

– Online applications cannot be submitted without Aadhar details ? Ration card not acceptable as a proof of residence and RTE offers free seats till 10th standard ? Education Officer (Primary) and RTE Co- Ordinator clarified the doubts of thousands of RTE 25% online admissions Applicants.

Nagpur :- Lot of misinformation were doing the rounds in the media lately, informing the parents thru their article that online forms cannot be submitted in absence of Aadhar details not being entered in the form, and numerous news were afloat with misinformation about the RTE online server being slow and frequent occurrences of server crashing due to the traffic of applicants trying to submit applications on the portal.There was even news about schools providing free seats under RTE TILL STANDARD 10TH.

Many such misinformation was in news that was not doing any good to the RTE applicants but creating doubts, panic and confusion in the minds of thousands of RTE applicants.

NEWS TODAY 24X7 team did a lot of screening and fact check with the help of many experts and officials to find out the truth. News Today 24X7 had printed an article on 2nd March clarifying that RTE registered schools in Nagpur and district places do not offer seats till 10th standard (as was mentioned in a couple of misinforming articles). In the article We had explained about the seats, age criteria and the eligibility of a students trying to avail a free seat under RTE 25% admission. We had clarified that the maximum standard a student can get free education under RTE 25% admission is till Eighth Standard Only.

In order to get the doubts of the applicant’s cleared about other misleading information in the media, NEWS today 24×7 approached the Education officer (Primary) to seek clarity on the misleading information that was afloat.

In an exclusive interview given to our Special correspondent Rohini Kumbhar (EO, Primary) said that people spreading fake and misleading information needs to check the facts first before alleging. She said that the portal being slow or even crashing due to traffic on the site was taken into consideration long ago and corrective measures were taken by creating an alternate link to ease the traffic on the site. A Press Note too was given on 3rd February about the same, and since the date the portal became functional for applicants to submit their online applications, the information about an alternate link being available was mentioned on the landing page of the site (Image attached).

The press note also clarified that ration card will be treated as a proof of residence along with alternate documents that can serve as proof of residence for the applicants. Further clarifying she advised that irrespective of whether the Aadhar is mentioned in the online application form or not, the online form will be processed and will get submitted. Any form that has been submitted without Aadhar details will still be valid for inclusion in the lottery system. Further adding to the statement, she also mentioned that if Aadhar details would have been mandatory while filling the forms online, the Yes and No option would not have been there, giving an option suggests that the information is optional and not mandatory, however Aadhar Card has to be mandatorily produced before the verification committee at the time of documents verification at URC or BRC. Children whose Aadhar are not available will be given provisional admission and a time line of three months to furnish the Aadhar card for the child.

The child will initially be given a three month of provisional admission, however if the document is not provided within three months, the admission will get cancelled, this the parents have to take a note of.

Verification Officers may deem the admission as cancelled/rejected if the documents are not found as authentic and genuine or in absence of a mandatory document. The mandatory documents are Aadhar card (conditions mentioned above) Birth certificate and address proof are mandatory documents at the time of verification of documents.


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