NIFTEM-Kundli set to empower rural communities with technology transfer and training

Nagpur :- National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management-Kundli (NIFTEM-K) took a significant step towards promoting rural entrepreneurship and economic empowerment, as it recently facilitated the transfer the cutting-edge technologies to Jai Jungle Farmer Producer Co. Ltd. and the Department of Agriculture, District-Jashpur, Chhattisgarh. These technologies developed by the researchers of NIFTEM-K hold the promise of revolutionising the food industry.

The technology, developed by Dr. Rakhi Singh, Dr. Barjinder Pal Kaur, and Dr. S. Thangalakshmi, focuses on creating “Cookies using malted foxtail millet and lentil flour.” While, the second technology, crafted by Dr. Prarabdh Badgujar and Gajender Azad, specialises in producing “Protein-rich granola bars.”

In addition to technology transfer, NIFTEM-K has imparted the basic technical know-how in development of above-mentioned products. NIFTEM-K is taking proactive steps to ensure the successful implementation of these innovations. The inventors (NIFTEM-K) will provide comprehensive training on the utilisation of these technologies to self-help groups of tribal women associated with M/s Jai Jungle Farmer Producer Co. Ltd. and the Department of Agriculture, District-Jashpur, Chhattisgarh. This initiative underscores NIFTEM-K’s holistic approach towards fostering rural entrepreneurship and empowering marginalised communities.

Dr. Harinder Singh Oberoi (Director, NIFTEM-K) reiterated the institute’s dedication to promote rural entrepreneurship and fostering economic growth. He emphasised, “NIFTEM-K is committed to leveraging technology and entrepreneurship to create meaningful opportunities for rural communities. By empowering women and promoting skill development, we aim to build a more inclusive and prosperous society.”

Overall, NIFTEM-K’s initiatives like technology transfer and skill enhancement programs to tribal women’s self-help groups exemplifies a multifaceted approach to rural development, which includes technology transfer, capacity building, empowerment, and community engagement.

Way for the promoting entrepreneurship and empowering rural India

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