Major fire breaks out in Motibagh Railway Museum

–  Loss of Rs 75 lakh

–  Heritage literature burnt to ashes

Nagpur :- A massive fire broke out in the Narrow Gauge Rail Museum located at Kadvi Chowk Motibagh on Saturday night. In which the heritage literature and many documents kept in the museum were burnt to ashes. Besides, the auditorium built here has also been completely destroyed. It has been reported that there was a loss of about Rs 75 lakh in this fire.

According to the information received, a fire broke out in the Narrow Gauge Rail Museum late on Saturday night due to a short circuit, in which the auditorium and the manager’s office and the room where heritage items were kept were set on fire. In which four rooms were burnt to ashes. According to the information received, the heritage documents kept in the office, many mini railway models, heritage post stamps, CCTV, DVR, computers, furniture and office records were burnt to ashes.

This fire also engulfed the auditorium built in the Railway Museum. In which 76 chairs, two screens and projectors were burnt to ashes.

According to the information given by Kshirsagar, Manager of Narrow Gauge Rail Museum, there was a loss of about Rs 75 lakh and records and objects of many heritage items were burnt to ashes. The cause of the fire is said to be short circuit. On the spot, two vehicles of Municipal Fire Department and a railway fire vehicle brought the fire under control. Railway officials reached the spot and are assessing the damage. Information has been received that the Railway Administration has ordered an investigation.

Dr. Pravin Dabli

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