BVG gets 108 Ambulance Contract extended for 3 months…

Dear Minister Tanaji Sawant,

First and foremost sir, Who is this Mystery Man in your department who has, I think, impersonated you, who calls himself second Tanaji Sawant ? Sir, is this the reason as to why not a single tender in the public health department is getting processed successfully (smoothly) since the time you have assumed the role of the Minister of this department ? This Mystery man who calls himself as “second Tanaji Sawant”, I don’t think this person is anywhere close when it comes to manners, calibre or who enjoys respect and admiration what you have in this Maharashtra Government. The reason that BVG has managed to get an extension of this 108 ambulance service is this mystery man himself. Heard, the tender process to appoint a new vendor is itself not complete. And why is the tender process not complete? Because, there is absolutely no coordination between this mystery man (who controls your office) and the Public Health Department whom you represent, sir. Dheeraj Kumar, presently Public Health Commissioner, is in a big soup. He is straight forward but he is absolutely in the wrong department. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is asked to go. By the way readers, we all know how big Tanaji Sawant is even in the corridors of power. He is the one Minister in this government with whom even the Chief Minister does not like to be on his wrong side. Reason is nothing else but I am told he is absolutely ruthless when it comes to speaking to anyone. He is clear and perfect in his work and mannerisms. But this mystery man is spoiling Tanaji Sawant’s image. He maintains no protocol when it comes to addressing either the Chief Minister or while speaking to as low as his own departmental staff. Rudeness and being Mannerless are his middle name! Department is not happy, Tanaji Sir! And the media who report on this health beat, is on this mystery man’s side. Heard my own kaka had a nice Diwali including others thanks to this mystery man! Now, Tanaji Sawant Saab, one very polite request since I don’t know you personally and wish to write to you…There is another one called Satish Chavan of your team who has ‘no official capacity’ but the entire ‘Vastu Kharedi Pradhikaran’ is controlled by him, is it true Tanaji sir? Remember, there was one boss who headed this body (Mali), but since only Chavan did not get along with him, he was removed. No, Mali wasn’t clean, but then he was removed on Chavan’s insistence is what is being told to me. Now the current boss of this pradhikaran Chandrakant Dange (IAS) and this Satish Chavan are allegedly closest friends now . I have heard that, since it is related to only purchases, vendors are asked to cough up 15%to 20% (market trend is 10%) and they have to pay an advance otherwise this mystery man does not even speak to anyone. If they don’t pay the advance, they don’t even have a chance to meet the mystery man, forget meeting you. Also sir please understand, in this ‘purchases’ even the lowest ranked officer has few ‘expectations’. Heard no one is allowed to ask since the entire cake has to be eaten alone! Is this the reason that in the Public Health Department not a single tender has been successful sir? Sir, this mystery man is spoiling your non-corrupt image badly. Please sir, through your PS Suryavanshi just tell me the name, I will expose this dual personality man.

Now I remember a story about the Medicine and Equipment purchase. It was done directly through the Department, isn’t it sir ? Every district’s Civil Surgeon (CS) was asked to make direct purchases but there was a FATWA issued. The FATWA stated that no one was allowed to become a vendor if there is no ‘advance’ paid upfront. Now heard the remaining 70% is also on the same lines. Sir, I know you are very strict! Please find out who this Mystery man is who is controlling your own department! By the way, had heard of this mystery man and BVG, who has bagged this 108 ambulance contract, there was a Cold War sometime back. Hope it is resolved and I am sure you are made aware of this. Some people say BVG used his Delhi sources, some say BVG has surrendered to this mystery man of your department. And If I vaguely remember, wasn’t it you who had made the announcement in Vidhan Bhavan that if time comes, you will handle this 108 ambulances contract on y0ur own ? Time has come Tanaji Saab, throw this mystery man out of your life and handle 108 Ambulances your way! And saying again, please throw this mystery man out of your life, if you get to know who is doing all of this !

Kaustubh Dhavse, you Tiger

First and foremost, Kaustubh , let me congratulate you and DCM Devendra Fadnavis for a remarkable feet you both have achieved for Maharashtra! Readers, thanks to this both, and supervision of the CM, Government has inked MoUs for 3 Lakh crore of green energy and steel projects for Maharashtra. Getting such credible companies to commit was no easy task for both Dhavse and Fadnavis particularly in this volatile political atmosphere. People (Industrialists) have immense faith in Kaustubh’s godfather-Devendra Fadnavis and Devendra Fadnavis has equal trust in Kaustubh. Thank God, this time at least being in India and you staying in Mumbai did not require any type of political or physical clearances to enter Mantralaya or Sahyadri guest house otherwise even this cake would have had many shares, Kaustubh ji ! If Maharashtra’s CM and Industries Minister went to Davos (heard even those 3 who call themselves journalist’s but are agents went on their own expenses) and have got lakhs and cores of investments for Maharashtra, Dhavse was not the one to stay behind too. He made it happen. This ‘tiger’ who is expert in FDI and a known name in the Corporate World was kept on side, he was humiliated, he lied low for last one year, he did not bat an eyelid when Rohit Pawar made allegations, he answered his critics and snakes residing in his own government with poise, confidence, keeping his own dignity high and keeping his godfathers image in mind. Kudos Kaustubh.You are a true asset to Devendra.

– Vikrant Hemant Joshi


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