Maharashtra Government Directs Strict Action to Combat Deep Fakes During Elections

Mumbai :- In response to the proliferation of deep fake videos, photos, and other content during the Lok Sabha Elections, the Maharashtra Government has announced strict actions to combat these malpractices. Also the State Government has issued directives to the Director General of Police to tackle the spread of such content via social media and digital platforms.

Deep fakes, which utilize sophisticated technologies like Photoshop, Machine Learning (ML), or Artificial Intelligence (AI), involve the creation of misleading content that can severely impact public perception. During election periods, such manipulated content about candidates, political parties, or pertinent issues can circulate widely, leading to misinformation and defamation.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the State Government has mandated rigorous actions abiding by the law against individuals involved in the creation and distribution of deep fakes. The aim is to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process. The Election Commission, too, has emphasized the need to curb misinformation in its recent guidelines.

To quickly control such malpractices and initiate prompt legal action, the State Government has directed the Director General of Police to investigate such incidents through the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). The Election Commission has also given instructions in its guidelines to prevent misinformation.

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