Delhi Police Bust Gang of Fraudsters Impersonating Stock Market Experts 

New Delhi :- In a significant crackdown on cyber fraud, the Special Cell of the Delhi Police has dismantled a sophisticated network of fraudsters masquerading as stock market experts.

Operating under the guise of a trading app named “CHC-SES,” the gang targeted unsuspecting individuals, promising lucrative returns on investments, police said.

The scam came to light when multiple complaints were filed by victims, including Vishal Sodhi, Manoj Kumar, Rajbir Yadav, and Shailendra Kumar, alleging fraudulent activities through the trading app.

These complaints collectively reported a staggering sum of approximately Rs. 2.38 crore being swindled from innocent investors, police said.

Upon receiving the complaints, ACP Sanjeev Kumar constituted a team of IFSO/Special Cell, Dwarka, led by Inspector Satish Kumar consisting of Sub-Inspector Udayvir, Head Constables Rajesh & Manoj, Constable Dinesh Rathi to identify and apprehend the culprits.

After the investigation, Munish Sharma, Gaurav Kumar, Vikas Bansal, Tushar Garg, and others were apprehended for their involvement in the elaborate scheme.

The modus operandi of the fraudsters involved persuading individuals from various strata of society to open bank accounts in exchange for monetary incentives. These accounts were then exploited to funnel ill-gotten gains from unsuspecting victims. Additionally, the criminals established numerous fictitious firms and utilized them to perpetrate GST theft and other financial crimes.

Seizing the opportunity, the gang sold the acquired banking credentials, including ATM cards and mobile SIMs, to their counterparts in Dubai, further facilitating cyber fraud on a global scale.

The recovery operation yielded a substantial amount of incriminating evidence, including mobile phones, SIM cards, laptops, and identity documents, providing crucial leads for ongoing investigations.

In light of these developments, Delhi Police issued a stern warning to the public, urging them to exercise caution and refrain from falling victim to fraudulent investment schemes promising unrealistically high returns. Furthermore, individuals are advised to avoid clicking on unverified links and refrain from participating in unauthenticated WhatsApp groups to mitigate the risk of cyber fraud.

The successful dismantling of this criminal network underscores the commitment of law enforcement agencies to safeguarding the interests of the public and upholding the integrity of financial markets.

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