BMC Vikhroli Tender and Joshi Bua

Honourable Eknath Shinde, when Maharashtra was celebrating your birthday, I would like to report one episode to you which has kind of put a blot on your image and it has prompted me to ask one question…Is Maharashtra turning into Bihar? Sir, I would like you to confirm this incident and after verification take appropriate action on that “Bhatji Bua ” of your team..if it at all what I am telling you, is true. Sir, for the BMC tender of Vikhroli hospital, many people filled their bids to do the work. Few extra players joined late, no worries in that too. Then the bid gets delayed. Again no worries. But then sir, one senior most person whose name is also the same as the cricketing God, calls up all the companies and asks them to withdraw from the bid…technically this too is wrong, but then why does he have to do that? Apparently, this Joshi Bua had already decided whom to award the contract. No problem in that also as I know how the game happens…But now the real problem starts… Sir, one company refuses to entertain this phone call from Joshi Bua and refuses to withdraw. What happens next? Joshi Bua calls that contractor and abuses him left, right and Center over telephone…Contractor does not get intimidated and does not withdraw…Now sir, if my information is correct, the contractor was called to your Varsha bungalow last evening and was threatened and abused in front of everyone present and one thing is asked—to withdraw from the bid! I don’t know what happened later but Is this the correct sir? I mean, if I am not wrong, Lalu use to do this isn’t it, hence the comparison? Sir does this “Bhatji Bua” have this authority to threaten and abuse anyone ? Why is this Joshi Bua along with his friends hell bent on spoiling yours and Shrikant’s image and relations with the BJP? Request you sir if any truth in this matter you find, I appeal to you to take strict action…

Nikhil Wagle and the Pune incident…

Dear Nikhil , I heard the police official (of Pune) statement on TV after the incident…What happened shouldn’t have happened. But sir one question-Why didn’t you all take the police protection while on the road when the police insisted to be with you all? Anyway, they were with you for a good 3 to 4 hours isn’t it ? So I was you, instead of going all 4 in one car and letting people mark your car, I would have gone in seperate police vehicles with my colleagues. But then I forget, Loksabha is coming! BTW sir, hats off, this entire event got publicity better than what views a Nana Patole or UBT or SP group gets daily. It was your bad luck that thoda attention the media gave to the “real news” that of Ghosalkar, else it was you all day long eating the TV space!! I would say, please ask any of this MVA or the NDA government to appoint you as a strategist! You are a master to seek attention & you get it too!!! But on the other side, I asked the BJP unit as to why this ruckus? Didn’t Nikhil Wagle get the limelight which otherwise he would have struggled to? They said, Vikrant, it wasn’t about Nikhil Wagle, time has to come to show everyone that even BJP can come on road too, if situation demands. Changing times, I quipped!

Uddhav Thackeray needs to Get Well Soon…

I understand that Uddhav Thackeray is miffed with the BJP, especially with Devendra Fadnavis for whatever has happened between them. The Ghosalkar killing has put all of us in a dilemma, for sure, as to what is happening in Maharashtra. But Uddhav ji, I heard your press conference post your visit at the Ghosalkar house. Sir, I am sorry, but anyone who knows you and speaks about you to me, you come across as a decent and a typical Maharashtrian man who is educated and cultured and not the typical ‘Sainik’ who has to often put his foot in his mouth. Sir, the language you used on national television for Devendra Fadnavis, is not acceptable at all. Devendra Fadnavis’s reply in 3 words (Get Well Soon) showed his class and what he thinks of you. I can understand a Gogawale or a Sattar or that Sanjay Bangar running their mouths, but a polished man spilling venom was not that what I have heard of you. And especially when do you recite this? When there is a buzz that you are trying to make amendments with the Centre. Please understand sir, Devendra Fadnavis, is still their blue eyed boy and you should rather approach Devendra Fadnavis and mend ways with him i.e. if the news of you making amends with the Center has any truth in it!

Maharashtra State Police Games…

The 34th MSPG held at Nashik ended on a high note, especially for the Nashik CP-Sandeep Karnik. The function was sailed through smoothly because of super efforts from the DGP Rashmi Shukla, Additional DG (Admin) Nikhil Gupta, IG Admin (now transferred) Nissar Tamboli, Director of the Maharashtra Police Academy Rajesh Mur, and most importantly by CP Nashik Sandeep Karnik who was at the helm of affairs since it was his city where the games and the event was hosted from the 4th of February. On the 8th February, the opening ceremony was presided over by the Chief Minister Ekanth Shinde followed by a surprise to the CM, that day being his birthday. A cake cutting ceremony was organised by Karnik for the CM. By the way, this was nothing to do to earn brownie points. It was a small gesture as a token of respect/appreciation towards the CM, for those who are thinking otherwise. On the 9th of February, the Crime Conference was presided by ACS Home, all the DGP’s, Police Commissioner’s, and the SP’s and all unit commanders of various policing departments were the attendees; and the 10th of February, on the Closing ceremony of MSPG, it was presided by the DCM and HM Devendra Fadnavis. Fadnavis also inaugurated the newly constructed building of the Satpur Police Station wherein Fadnavis was (very rare of him to do it in open forums) showering praises for the CP Nashik-Sandeep Karnik.

– Vikrant Hemant Joshi

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