Walk through the Woods- the Waldorf Way

Nagpur :- All of nature begins to whisper its secrets to us through its sounds. On the beautiful morning of 11th of January, 2024, the students of Grade I and II from the Nagpur Waldorf Inspired School (NWIS), along with their Class Teachers,  Asha Shambharkar (Grade II) and Alpa Pilley (Grade I) were excited to walk the trail along the woods at the Gorewada Nature Trail. Picking up shells and whatever excited them, gazing at the Ducks and excitedly making sounds with them, walking the trail into the silent woods, they loved the owl perched atop a tree fortunately sighted by us. Watching the kids was a joy and the only reason they agreed to board the bus, for the ride back to school was because they felt famished. At NWIS, it is now a scheduled Walk through the woods to feel Nature so close, listening to the sounds. “The heart of the Waldorf method is that education is an art-it must speak to the child’s experience. To educate the whole child, his heart and his will must be reached, as well as the mind.” (Rudolf Steiner)


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राज्यात ज्यूदो खेळाच्या विकासाठी शासन सर्वतोपरी सहकार्य करेल - उपमुख्यमंत्री देवेंद्र फडणवीस

Sat Feb 3 , 2024
– सुवर्ण महोत्सवी राज्य ज्यूदो स्पर्धेचे उपमुख्यमंत्र्यांच्या हस्ते उद्घाटन नागपूर :- ज्या जिल्ह्यांमध्ये ज्यूदो खेळासाठी उच्च प्रतीच्या मॅट्स व जागा उपलब्ध नाहीत तिथे या सुविधा राज्य शासनाकडून पुरविण्यात येतील. तसेच, या क्रीडा प्रकाराच्या विकासाठी येत्या २५ वर्षांचा रोडमॅप तयार करावा, यास राज्यशासन पूर्ण सहकार्य करेल, असे आश्वासन उपमुख्यमंत्री देवेंद्र फडणवीस यांनी आज येथे दिले. मानकापूर येथील विभागीय क्रीडा संकुलात महाराष्ट्र […]

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