Vishvaraj Environment Pvt. Ltd. Commemorates World Environment Day withSeed Ball Making Workshop

Nagpur :- In celebrationWorld Environment Day, Vishvaraj Environment Pvt.Ltd. organised a Seed Ball Making Workshop in Nagpur, underscoring its commitment toenvironmental conservation and sustainability. The event, also conducted virtually, sawenthusiastic participation from all branches of Vishvaraj, exemplifying the organization’s dedication to fostering a greener future.

The workshop, aimed at empowering individuals to enact meaningful change, provided participants with the knowledge and skills to contribute to the preservation and restoration of our planet’s delicate ecosystems. By learning the art of seed ball making,attendees discovered how small actions can yield significant impacts in combatting climate change, conserving water and soil resources, and safeguarding biodiversity.

A highlight of the event was a keynote address by Tanveer Mirza, esteemed Social Entrepreneur, Rurban Transformer, and Sustainability Strategist. Mirza ‘simpassioned speech illuminated the critical importance of environmental protection and under scored the pivotal role each individual plays in safe guarding our planet for future generations.

As an environmentally conscious organization, Vishvaraj remains stead fast in its mission to drive positive change through sustainable initiatives. By organizing events like the Seed Ball Making Workshop, Vishvaraj demonstrates its un wavering commitment to environmental stewardship and encourages others to join in the collective effort to wardsa more sustainable future.

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शेतकऱ्यांना रास्त दराने बियाणे उपलब्ध होतील याची दक्षता घ्या - डॉ.पंकज आशिया

Thu Jun 6 , 2024
– कृषी निविष्ठा उपलब्धतेचा आढावा यवतमाळ :- खरीप हंगामामध्ये जिल्ह्यात शेतकऱ्यांना आवश्यक कृषि निविष्ठा उपलब्ध होण्याबाबत जिल्हाधिकारी डॉ.पंकज आशिया यांनी आढावा घेतला. बि-बियाणे, रासायनीक खते व किटकनाशके शेतकऱ्यांना रास्त भावात उपलब्ध होतील याची दक्षता घ्या, अशा सूचना जिल्हाधिकाऱ्यांनी यावेळी केल्या. यवतमाळ हा कापूस उत्पादक जिल्हा आहे. जिल्ह्याची हद्द तेलंगणा राज्याला लागून असल्यामुळे केंद्र शासनाने प्रतिबंधित केलेले बियाणे जिल्ह्यात येण्याची शक्यता […]

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