Nagpur :- The Central Board of Secondary Education organized the Āryabhaṭa Ganit Challenge catering to students in classes VIII-X of CBSE-affiliated schools. The Āryabhaṭa Ganit Challenge unfolds in two stages, encompassing offline and online modes. It aims in integrating mathematical principles with practical aspects of life. This gruelling exam has multiple choice questions which are designed to assess the mathematical prowess of students with advanced abilities.

This year, around 5,50,000 students witnessed the enthusiastic participation from around 5050 schools. Upon successful completion of the second stage, the top 100 students from each CBSE region are conferred with a Merit certificate. Addhyayan Shivraj Padole of CENTRE POINT SCHOOL WARDHAMAN NAGAR is one among the top 100 students selected from the Pune region.

Principal, Kanchan Ukey whole-heartedly congratulated this gifted boy for his wonderful accomplishment. The credit also goes the Mathematics Department who have honed and developed his skills in this area.


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मनपातर्फे १ फेब्रुवारीपर्यंत सर्वेक्षण न होऊ शकलेल्या नागरिकांनी संपर्क साधण्याचे आवाहन

Wed Jan 31 , 2024
– मराठा व खुल्या प्रवर्गातील नागरिकांच्या सर्वेक्षणास २ दिवसांची मुदतवाढ चंद्रपूर :- मराठा व खुल्या प्रवर्गातील नागरिकांच्या सर्वेक्षणाचे काम आता अंतिम टप्प्यात आले असुन चंद्रपूर महानगरपालिकेतर्फे आतापर्यंत ५६ हजार २४६ कुटुंबाचे सर्वेक्षण पूर्ण करण्यात आले आहे. सर्वेक्षण दरम्यान मनपा हद्दीतील सर्व निवासी कुटुंबांचे सर्वेक्षण करण्यात येत असून भडेकरू कुटुंबाचे सुद्धा सर्वेक्षण करण्याच्या सूचना संबंधित प्रगणक यांना देण्यात आल्या आहे.दरम्यान ज्या […]

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