In 3 Minutes, Brahmins of Maharashtra will be finished!

Yes, this is a statement coming from a leader of a political party of Maharashtra. The caste based politics just refuses to die in our state of Maharashtra. We might be Number 1 in many things, but we must be in the bottom 3 if someone ever measured ‘caste based politics and its aftermath’. Today people are yet trolled for being Brahmin’s, today SC and ST are yet given step brotherly treatment, and the OBC’s and Maratha’s are yet troubled over various issues. To top that, the battle for reservation and rise and fall of many ‘opportunist’ leaderships in such agitations has been a detrimental factor for the overall progress of our state. When will we ever rise above all of this? When will we be one i.e. Maharashtrians?

This one youth, couple of days ago in a video in literal sense spat venom from his mouth…For the unknown, he says, “in Maharashtra, the Brahmin community will be finished in 3 minutes if ever Maratha’s decide; Maharashtra belongs to Maratha and only Maratha’s can rule it”…along with the Brahmin comment, he also says that even Devendra Fadnavis will not be spared and shall be “brought to the ground”…Where does this hatred come from as what I saw of the man on the widely circulated video, he must be well below 40; and if this, in this age and time, if you are talking casteism and genocide, my dear readers, fate of our state is sealed.

Where does this hatred come from? I mean where has the level of Maharashtra reached? Has politics come down to this level that there are youngsters aspiring to kill someone just because he belongs to another caste? These are the signs of a disturbed society where openly people are threatening to wipe out an entire community. In one of my blogs earlier I had written, a complete psychological testing of an entire family once a year should be made mandatory, It will save a lot of lives and careers.

The person, Yogesh Sawant, a NCP functionary was the first arrest made in this case. He was the one who shared this video which was published on a YouTube channel. It was him who made the video viral and hence his arrest. Also this Sawant, is not just a video sharer; if you go on social media accounts you can see the hatred towards the BJP and its leaders. You will find filth in there also…Today as I write this blog, the person who has SHOT this nasty video has been put under arrest. Now the search is for the person who has had the audacity to speak publicly like this..He lives between Sambhaji Nagar and Jalna somewhere…By the time this blog reaches you, he will be in custody too..

My problem is not this one particular incident…Anyway, we Brahmin’s are kind of used of being ‘openly’ hated now which was done in muted tones before…But my brains refuse to accept the fact that a ‘Lokpratinidhi’ a.k.a a MLA, who belongs to this generation (38 year old) had the audacity to call up the senior police inspector of the police station and ask him to release the person (Yogesh Sawant) who was arrested ! It means, he was OK with the comments but not with the action. Also on addressing this issue in Vidhan Bhavan, very proudly this MLA backed Sawant with a lame theory! No, Mr Rohit Pawar, not done! You should have had some respect for religions that are existing in Maharashtra. And even if the person who has shared this ‘nasty’ video and it is viral, he is no less of a culprit in my eyes…As usual, to cover up mistakes of his partymen and make the atmosphere a bit cordial in these times, Sharad Pawar invites the Chief Minister and 2 DCM’s for lunch at Govindbaug at his Baramati residence. How many times Sharad Pawar will have to cover up for these immature acts of his party-men and relatives?

As for the person who has spoken against Brahmin’s and issued threats to DCM Devendra Fadnavis, he surely should not be spared at any cost. Devendra Fadnavis is democratically elected and is the Home Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra. If this person is threatening him, it is ‘treason’ in my eyes as the attempt is to threaten Fadnavis with death and plan to destabilise the government. I am sure law would take its due course.

But what to do for people like Rohit Pawar? He is an MLA and belongs to a cultured family of Pawar’s…I am sure even the likes of Sharad Pawar and his party who are having a total ideological difference with the BJP, will never promote any such statement or thought, which the party men (few) are echoing. The problem with Rohit is that he is young but supporting such people is detrimental to his own image if wants to come anywhere close to Ajit Pawar, whcih seems to be his ultimate aim. Rohit is bright, from the grass-root, has brilliant parents, name, money and fame, but such politics will not make him a star. In fact such Sawant’s ultimately spoil the name of all the Maratha’s too…I am sure not one Maratha or of any caste in Maharashtra will endorse the statement of finishing of Brahmin’s; None of them have this trait..It is just a few bad apples spoiling the whole basket.

Special mention of a person who filed an FIR. He is a Yuva Sena functionary, Akshay Panvelkar. Being a Yuva Sena functionary, Panvelkar did not even think twice for going on a fight as it was for a BJP person. Hats off to his colleague and brain behind this, Rahul Kanal, for quick action and standing behind Panvelkar. The matter was against Fadnavis,; but these two young turks have shown us that the unity in BJP and Shivsena is here to stay and for long partner each other…they went ahead and fought for Fadnavis just the way they took a stand against few people who had run their mouth against CM Eknath Shinde and MP Shrikant Shinde.

– Vikrant Hemant Joshi

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