CPSWN innovators steal limelight at ASMIRE

Nagpur :- Seizing the opportunity to stretch their creative limits beyond the realms of the possible, young innovators at Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar proved their mettle when they participated in ASMIRE, an initiative organized by Somalwar School to recognize and reward budding innovative talents.

Conducted at three levels, the event gave aspirants a wonderful chance to showcase their imaginative bent of mind. Level 1, which was the Intra-School Round held on 6th December, 2023, saw keen participation by around 200 students who aspired to prove their talents. The 120 successful qualifiers later battled it out with other schools in Level 2 which was held on 14th December, 2023 at Somalwar Maa Umaiya branch. 7 students impressed the judges with their unique talents and proceeded to Level 3 which was held on 23rd December, 2023 in Somalwar Nikalas School.

While the Class 8 graders, Manveer Singh and Nikhil Gupta bagged the 6th and 7th positions respectively, Soumya Singh of Class 7 and Naavinya Dhawale of Class 10 shared the 9th position. They were only too happy to be awarded trophies and laptop bags as tokens of their outstanding achievement.

The jubilant young achievers, along with their mentors Aparna Shrivastava and Pragya Chakraborty were heartily applauded by Kanchan Ukey, the school Principal and the entire staff of the school for the efforts they invested to achieve this fantastic result. Here’s to wishing them continued success on bigger platforms with more recognition coming their way!


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