Appeal For Students – Nagpur City Police

– My Dear young students of Nagpur

Nagpur – We saw you on the streets yesterday protesting against offline examinations. Their was violence during the protest including some buses being vandalised.

Despite having full sympathy for my young friends, we had to register offences and the violators are being identified through CCTV footages.

Today we believe some vested interests are again provoking students to come out on the streets. During the said agitation, their is likely to be a law and order situation which may turn ugly.

Appeal to all students and their family members:

1. Please do not come out on the streets. Any such assembly would be illegal.

2. Offences may be registered against you which would be very adversorial for your future career. (It all reflects in your character verification all through).

3. It is better to be indoors as of now and follow Covid Appropriate Behaviour and Covid guidelines.

4. Though you have a right to protest, but it must be within lawful parameters.

5. Parents/ Guardians are requested not to expose there children to any illegality.


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