VED Council’s Cultural & Heritage excursion

Nagpur :- VED Council organised a visit for its members and families to the pride of Nagpur Sanskriti Kendra, organized by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Sankritik Kendra as an integral part of its tourism and heritage thrust areas for the upcoming year on Sunday.

Rajendra Purohit, Chairman of BVMSK himself facilitated the tour for the members led by President Rina Sinha and revealed a captivating cultural treasure trove. This immersive experience takes visitors on a journey through India’s rich heritage. The centerpiece is the awe-inspiring “Shri Ramayana Darshan,” a collection of 122 hand-painted artworks depicting significant episodes from the Ramayana. The intricate details and captivating emotions of each scene, accompanied by written explanations in Hindi, English, and Marathi, offer a profound understanding of this epic tale. Ascending to the second floor, VED members enter the “Bharat Mata Sadanam,” a hall specifically designed to ignite the spirit of patriotism and spirituality. This magnificent space, adorned with exquisite artwork from floor to ceiling, showcases the artistic brilliance of India. A larger-than-life bronze statue of Bharat Mata, the Mother India, serves as a central attraction. Patriotism is further instilled through a collection of 115 paintings featuring freedom fighters from 1856 to 1947. A particularly noteworthy section highlights the bravery of India’s Param Vir Chakra 21 awardees, honoring their sacrifices through captivating portraits. VED strongly believes the pride of Nagpur Sanskriti Kendra is a must-visit for every citizen of Nagpur and the Vidarbha region. It serves as the perfect destination to introduce guests from other cities to the profound depth and dignity of Indian cultural heritage. Notably, the museum offers a beautiful coffee table book that acts as a cherished keepsake, encapsulating the essence of this remarkable cultural experience.

The visit was organised by the Tourism, Event coordination and Social media committees of VED Council.

Jt Secretary Dinesh Naidu, executive member Pramod Batra, Member Ali Asgar Wagh General Secretary Amit Parekh worked hard supported by PP Vilas Kale. VP Rahul Upgalnawar, Pankaj Mahajan were present along with VED Members who came in large numbers with their families to make the visit a huge success.

A memento of gratitude was presented to Shri Rajendra Purohit by President Rina Sinha on behalf of VED Council. VED Council appreciated and expressed their gratitude for the vision of Shri Banwarilal Purohit, Honourable Governor of Pondicherry and Founder of the trust as well as Rajendra Purohit for bringing this spectacular work of art and culture showcasing the rich heritage curated with so much passion and dedication.

President Rina Sinha said that “VED Council will work towards proposing for a tourism circuit for the Vidarbha region for the economic development of the region and VED enthusiastically recommends the Sanskriti Kendra as a hidden gem waiting to be explored by all.

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