The Pune case…

No one should be spared. Neither Vedant Agrawal, nor his father Vishal Agrawal nor the “managed” authorities and not to forget, the MLA who sat the night at police station pressuring the authorities. Very shocking incident. Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis– it is a personal request don’t leave any stone unturned to punish the guilty. Please set an example. Spare a thought for the two youngsters who lost their lives and also for the parents. Om Shanti!!

I am telling you this “Mera Kaun Kya Kar Sakta Hai” attitude of this generation (aged 18 to 40) should be taught a lesson for life and fear of law should be instilled in them.

Few more details on this same case. This was shared by me on my X account, and I was surprised with the views. It has been looked and read by close to 1 million people. Also the English video that I made has had record breaking views.

1. The mob who beat up Vedant Agrawal right after the accident, it is told to me that rather than crying, asking for help, or even apologising, Vedant Agrawal was shouting, Take how much ever money you want, but don’t beat me up. Does it come natural to these rich kids?

2. Was the driver really present in the car when Vedant left the pub? Who was sitting next to Vedant when the mob pulled both of them out? Who ran away from the car who was sitting back? Why aren’t those boys charged? I need answers for this…

3. As per claims of MLA Tingare, did he sleep talk to his karyakartas, got up and went to the police station? or did someone paid his home a visit, to say, it is time to return the favour…get up and come…

4. Is it true that a ‘Zero Police’ did serve Pizza and bottles of water after the mother ordered for it at the police station? After gulping down the water bottles, alcohol gets washed from the system, and was this the reason the alcohol test came negative? Why is DCP Vijay Magar kept out of everything? right from press meet to everything ?

5. These Agrawal families own 3 bungalows in the prime most areas of Pune. Holi parties there will put any Bollywood party people to shame such is the ‘lifestyle’.

6. Why do so many cars driven by Agrawal family members have rose-gold plated number plates? Is there no law or what? another, aam Purnekar has thousands of rupees fines on their names for not wearing a helmet on their bikes.

7. Journalist Archana More of THE SCOOPE, who is at the helm of exposing this whole thing, is being threatened by many that she will have to face legal action for her stories. Punekar’s do stand by her, I am surely doing so!!

8. Just read a story of a mother and how her child was harassed and bullied by this Vedant and gang and how the child had to quit school. The boy who quit school is the son of an ex-Minister of Maharashtra.

Now that the father has been given police custody for 3 days, and the son’s bail has been rejected, and all sorts of news is doing the rounds in regard to this family, in regard to their connection with the underworld in the past. Looks like KARMA has decided to play its role now. I am sure, along with me, even you all are surprised with the silence of Sharad Pawar, Supriya Sule and guardian Minister Ajit Pawar on this burning issue…Also, DGP Rashmi Shukla should investigate as to what was the need for Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis to go to Pune and handle the case in his own way and cover up the Pune Police. Aren’t you going to order an inquiry?

Let’s hope the two departed souls get justice and an example is set by HM and DCM Devendra Fadnavis for all of these irresponsible and immature boys/girls.

– Vikrant Hemant Joshi

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