Neglected Nagpur: Municipal Commissioner’s Inaction Sparks Public Outcry

Nagpur :- In the wake of mounting issues plaguing Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) since the appointment of the new Municipal Commissioner, it has become imperative to shed light on the deteriorating state of affairs. Under the tenure of Municipal Commissioner Abhijeet Chaudhari IAS, the city has witnessed a distressing trend of delayed or mismanaged projects, raising concerns among elected representatives and the general populace alike.

Unraveling the Crisis

Despite approved funds and tenders, critical projects like the construction of the Sewerage Collection System in Hudkeshwar & Narsala have either been delayed or mired in bureaucratic red tape. The absence of proactive measures from the Municipal Commissioner has exacerbated the situation, leaving essential developments at a standstill or progressing at a snail’s pace.

Systemic Failures

Numerous instances point to a systematic failure within the NMC administration. From irregularities in tender processes to favoritism towards single bidders, the transparency and efficiency of municipal operations have been called into question. Both ruling and opposition party representatives have voiced their dissatisfaction, highlighting the need for immediate intervention.

Critical Projects on the Backburner

Several crucial projects essential for the city’s development, including the construction of sewerage systems, ITMS traffic signal works, and the procurement of electric buses, remain stuck due to administrative lapses. Additionally, inadequate road repairs, pending civil works, and unresolved waste management issues underscore the magnitude of the crisis.

Water Woes and Public Discontent

The water works department is grappling with its lowest water availability, exacerbating the hardships faced by residents. Recent rains have exposed the city’s unpreparedness, with reports of waterlogging and disrupted daily life surfacing from various quarters.

Call to Action

As the Lok Sabha and state elections loom large, it is evident that the Municipal Commissioner’s failure to address the city’s pressing needs has fueled public resentment. The citizens of Nagpur demand immediate action to rectify the inefficiencies and restore faith in the administration.


The current state of affairs at Nagpur Municipal Corporation is untenable, with pending projects, administrative irregularities, and public inconvenience reaching alarming levels. It is imperative for the concerned authorities to heed the growing discontent and undertake urgent measures to salvage the city’s deteriorating infrastructure and restore public trust in governance.

Number of Dymc, AMC etc have left the city due to the apathy and attitude of the Municipal Commissioner.

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha (9850503020)

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