Nagpur Division of Central Railway Celebrates World Environment Day with Enthusiasm

Nagpur :-The Nagpur Division of Central Railway celebrated World Environment Day with great enthusiasm, embracing the theme “ONLY ONE EARTH.” A series of events were organized across the division, witnessing active participation from officers and staff.

The day commenced with Pledge Ceremony at the Divisional Railway Office, where staff members pledged their commitment to environmental conservation. The ceremony was led by Divisional Railway Manager Shri Manish Agarwal, who emphasized the importance of sustainable practices and the collective responsibility of preserving our planet.

A tree plantation drive was held at Ajni ground, aiming to enhance the green cover and promote the significance of trees in maintaining ecological balance. Plantation and pledge activities were also carried out in Ballarshah, Wardha, Amla, and other stations of the Nagpur division.

Further, a rally was conducted by the Scouts and Guides from DSA Ground, Ajni to Ajni Railway Colony to spread awareness on environmental issues amongst the people. President, CRWWO Nidhi Agarwal, Vice Presidents CRWWO Sukeshni Khairkar, and Smita Chandekar jointly flagged off the rally.

The events were graced by the presence of dignitaries, including  Manish Agarwal, Divisional Railway Manager, Nagpur; P S Khaiker, Additional Divisional Railway Manager (Admin),  Navin Patil, Chief Project Manager (Gati Shakti Unit);  Aman Mittal Senior Divisional Commercial Manager, Mohit Mandlekar Senior Divisional Mechanical Engineer and branch officers. Their participation underscored the commitment of the Nagpur Division towards environmental sustainability.

Plantation and pledge activity was also carried out in Ballarshah, Wardha, Amla and other stations of Nagpur division.

The celebration of World Environment Day in the Nagpur Division reflects the dedication of the Central Railway towards promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices. The successful organization of these events is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the officers and employees in making a positive impact on the environment.

The Railways has taken steps to streamline its initiatives with regards to environmental management, with some notable initiatives including Energy Efficiency, Renewable and Alternate sources of Energy, Water Conservation, Afforestation, Waste Management and Green Certifications.

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