Nagpur :- The National Academy of Defence Production, Nagpur and the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT), Pune signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today to strengthen collaboration in defence education and research. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in advancing education and training in defence technologies.

DIAT offers a wide range of specialized courses, including eight Master of Technology (M.Tech) programs in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Modelling and Simulation, Material Science and Chemical Technology, Sensor Technology, and Robotics.

This collaboration will leverage the unique strengths of both institutions .NADP brings deep understanding of defence procurement and management practices to the table. DIAT is a premier institute recognized for its advanced courses in defence technologies, particularly niche areas like aerospace engineering, robotics, and sensor technology

Under this MoU, NADP and DIAT will collaborate in various research areas of mutual interest, facilitating faculty and researcher exchanges. This will enable scientific research, training, and other academic activities at both institutions.

Students from both institutes will have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs, gaining exposure to diverse learning environments. Faculty and researchers from both institutions can collaborate on joint research projects and engage in knowledge sharing activities. NADP will have access to cutting-edge laboratories and expertise available at DIAT’s Schools like Quantum Technology, Robotics and Defence Technology. NADP/ MIL can offer Internship projects to M Tech Students of DIAT. This collaboration is a significant step towards achieving greater synergy in India’s defence sector, combining strong management practices with advanced technological expertise.

The MoU was signed by Dr. BHVS Narayana Murthy, Vice-Chancellor of DIAT, and Dr. J.P. Dash, CGM, NADP in the presence of the Dean of Academics and Prof. Sangeeta Kale, Prof. Shaibal Banerjee, Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Dr. Pankaj Nadge

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