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BG Shekhar v/s Datta Karale 

Datta ji, why all of this? For the unknown, Datta Karale has replaced B G Shekhar as IG Nashik. Isn’t this the third time you are doing this to your own batch mate, BG Shekhar? ….twice he has kept silent, but this time he has knocked on the doors of CAT (Central Administrative Tribunal). BG Shekhar retires in 4 to 5 months and he hasn’t even completed his tenure as IG Nashik of 2 years. I know you have a lot of technical points to counter your posting in place of Shekhar, but sir, not everything should be technical na always. Sometimes, we should listen to our hearts also and do the right thing (sometimes)! Why couldn’t you wait for 4 months at home or do a side posting and come later at the desired posting? This man BG Shekhar is retiring in 4 months, let him do so with grace and respect! In the corridors of power, when IPS people were getting sleepless nights of who will go where when the transfer list was made, I heard you had aimed at the bullseye (IG Nashik), and you had hit it. You had said you will go as Nashik IG and you got it…so this time please request you to take a back seat and avoid embarrassment at CAT. Batchmates are bactmates sir, respect should be given…be it Pravin Pawar or BG Shekhar or one batch junior Dilip Sawant! By the way, for you, Lokmat’s Atul Kulkarni, on Monday wrote a very praise worthy article which never seemed to end. After reading that, I was in awe of your contribution to society as a policeman. Baaki Sab Paani Kum Chai, Lagne Lage sir!! But then I immediately connected the dots as to why the article appeared? That same day if I have not mistaken BG Shekhar had approached CAT against you and here Lokmat was singing your praises. Not fair on Atul Kulkarni too, being a seasoned journalist he is…But then again I forget, Dhanda hai yeh, par Ganda hai yeh…

DCP’s due for transfers in Mumbai…

Zone 3 DCP Akbar Pathan, Zone 9 DCP Krishna Kant Upadhya and Zone 10 DCP Datta Nalawade will face the consequences of the Election Commissions guidelines and will have to move out before the code of conduct sets in. Zone 5 DCP Manoj Patil due to promotion and Zone 11 DCP Ajay Kumar Bansal being transferred as SP Jalna these two are going out too. Now that 5 DCP’s are out, heavy lobbying for the posts is taking place. I heard this time no Surve’s or Ratnagiri Mangoes will be given a chance to speak for these DCP postings. Mumbai Joint CP (L & O) Satyanarayan Choudhary’s future too hangs in balance as he too, has completed the tenure of mandatory 3 years in one district, and as per guidelines of the Election Commission will he be shifted? If I remember correctly, even the likes of Deven Bharti had to leave (Jt CP L & O) when the code of conduct was set in 2019. If god forbid, it happens, who will replace the city as the main boss after the Commissioner of Police? Will it be one of the Joint CP’s or will there be a surprise?

Mohit ‘Hitman’ Kamboj…

Mohit Kamboj what do you eat man? I must say, Whatever you say or promise you deliver. Be it the ‘Sanjay’s’ of the system or the Nawab’s or now the latest ‘catch’ Lalit Teckchandani, your report card says 101/100. You see to it that the matter is not only ended for these people, but you make sure they don’t resurrect again in our lives. Being a journalist I come across 100’s of people who on social media or via press conferences always promise us to ‘teach’ a lesson to the corrupt, blackmailers or bad people of our society. But then not even 1 including the ‘Black Mamba’ have given results apart from you. Another name I would like to add in this ‘category’ is that of Anjali Damania. She too is a fighter for a cause and makes sure justice gets delivered. Kudos to you both!

– Vikrant Hemant Joshi


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राज्यातील गर्भवती महिलांच्या सुरक्षिततेसाठी ‘किलकारी’ योजनेचा शुभारंभ

Thu Feb 8 , 2024
– आशा सेविकांसाठी मोबाईल अकादमी  मुंबई :- सार्वजनिक आरोग्य व कुटुंब कल्याण विभागाच्या वतीने गर्भवती महिलांच्या सुरक्षिततेसाठी ‘किलकारी’या नव्या योजनेचा व आशा सेविकांसाठी मोबाईल अकादमीचा आजपासुन राज्यात शुभारंभ झाला. केंद्रीय आरोग्य राज्यमंत्री डॉ. भारती पवार, केंद्रीय मंत्री डॉ. एस. पी. सिंग बघेल, गुजरातचे आरोग्यमंत्री ऋषिकेश पटेल यांच्या प्रमुख उपस्थितीत दूरदृश्य संवाद प्रणालीद्वारे नवी दिल्ली येथून डॉ. भारती पवार यांनी महाराष्ट्र […]

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