“Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: NADP’s Orientation Course for IOFS (P)”

Nagpur :- In a significant stride towards empowering the leaders of tomorrow, the National Academy of Defence Production (NADP) recently hosted the inaugural Orientation Course for the 1st Batch of Indian Ordnance Factory Service (IOFS) Probationers at its esteemed campus in Nagpur.

Amidst the restructuring of Ordnance Factories into seven Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs), 164 Group B Gazetted Officers were promoted to Assistant Works Manager (IOFS). Aligning with the National Training Policy of 2012, NADP took charge to conduct the mandatory Orientation Course, recognizing the critical importance of equipping these officers for their new roles.

While NADP stands under the umbrella of Munitions India Limited, its commitment extends beyond boundaries, fostering learning and development for all seven newly formed DPSUs. This reaffirms Nagpur’s position as a prominent hub for education and training, alongside renowned institutions like VNIT, NADT, and IIMN.

The 1st Orientation Programme, held from April 22nd to May 3rd, 2024, witnessed the enthusiastic participation of 71 officers, including three distinguished lady officers, representing 17 different establishments. The course kicked off with an enlightening lecture by Shri Gurudutta Ray, CMD of Yantra India Limited, Nagpur, delving into the opportunities and challenges faced by the newly formed DPSUs and emphasizing the importance of change management and a positive work attitude.

The curriculum was meticulously crafted to address contemporary challenges, covering topics such as Industry 4.0, AI applications in ordnance factories, energy conservation and financial concepts under the Company Act 2013, New Labour Codes, and ERP in Defence PSUs. Eminent faculty members, including Dr. Surekha Thacker, Dr. Rizwan Ahmad, Dr. GSS Saini, Dr. AM Kuthe, Dr. Dhananjay Jhole, and Dr. Nitin Lautre from VNIT Nagpur, enriched the sessions with their expertise.

The valedictory ceremony, held at the Utsav Hall, witnessed heartfelt expressions of gratitude from the participants, who pledged to apply their newfound knowledge in the workplace. Dr. J.P. Dash, Chief General Manager of IOFS, urged them to embody leadership not merely as a rank but as a personal demonstration, inspiring others towards a collective cause despite the challenges of a VUCA environment.

The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Dr. A.S. Khan, SAN Murthy,  N. Raghuraman, Mohan Agrawal, Rajashri Dey, Minhaz Ahmed, and Dr.Indu Mazumdar, who collectively contributed to the success of the program. In the feedback session, participants lauded the enriching learning journey, marking it as a pivotal milestone in their professional development.

As the curtains drew close, M.B. Zalke, Course Director and IOFS WM, extended a vote of thanks, encapsulating the spirit of camaraderie and commitment that resonated throughout the course. NADP’s inaugural Orientation Course stands as a beacon of excellence, nurturing the leaders who will steer the future of defence production towards greater heights.

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