Anand Madia goes on leave…

Apart from the Maharashtra Chief Minister office, a few heads here and there in Mantralaya, the watchmens of Nirmal Bhavan (a building in Nariman Point) and security of Mantralaya, have any of you ever heard this ‘Anand Madia’ name before? I am sure not! From where he came and how he became an office bearer of the Chief Minister, is the biggest riddle which we will all have an answer to in the coming months. Even CM Shinde must be caressing his beard thinking about this Madia…the honeymoon period is over for Madia now. Today he is out of the system. But before he went out, who knows what all he did, which files he cleared in the name of the CMO and in the name of state planning body MITRA (Maharashtra Institution for Transformation) all still remains a mystery! What was he doing for nearly 1.5 years in the CMO? I am telling you this CM, Eknath Shinde, is too ‘dildaar’ and just does not know to say a “NO” to anyone, even when he knows people are taking advantage of him, he lets them. Shinde Saab, today it was Madia, tomorrow it can be anyone else…One breaking news, till the time this Madia was in the CMO, he was hell bent on spoiling the relations between Eknath Shinde and Devendra Fadnavis…He tried a lot of tricks both by legal and illegal means, but this “Jodi” just refuses to break.

No one knows where this Anand Madia came from? Some said he had an IT background and was instrumental in PM Modi’s win in Gujarat in 2009 as then Chief Minister, but when a BJP Maharashtra ex IT head went to meet him and spoke to him, it was clear to him that Madia was very far away from doing any sort of IT campaign for then CM of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, as this Maharashtra ex-BJP IT head was the one doing it in forefront during 2007-2009. Then some said he is ‘businessman’ Double A’s cousin brother, hence he had access to the Nirmal Bhavan building, but even that did not turn out to be true as both of them look so different. One looks like actor Tigmanshu Dhulia and the other one looks like a Gujarati who has eaten only Nankhatai (cookies) in his life… forget being cousins…then this Madia made an impression that he has come from a reference of a very powerful Minister of the Center, but even that just turned out to be fake..Thank god, no one cross checked with that Minister, else it would have taken an ugly turn for Madia…Basically Madia has worked with Governments with his IT background in few eastern states …That’s all I know…Even Double A has his hands on his head and Jatin has gone to watch the movie Sooryavansham again to solve the mystery….But I know one thing for sure, Anant Madia did watch a lot of CID and he has this penchant for banks…I leave it there…

Today, Anand Madia has not only left the CMO, he is out of Mumbai and out of our Maharashtra state too… currently he is in Gujarat and NOW it will take a lifetime for him to return to Mumbai, Maharashtra and assume any role in the Government; Even if the reason for ‘unpaid leave’ for two months + is “Medical” mentioned in his application, but I know the reason is much more. Very shortly his orders as the OSD to CM will be quashed too, I am told…

What is this CM sir ?

Today casually on the eve of the ongoing Budget session I happened to take a round at the Chief Minister’s office at the Vidhan Bhavan. Even though CM Shinde has a fabulous cabin for himself, when I saw the cabin for his team, the IAS and IPS, I felt really bad. It was like a fish market. I shall describe the cabin for you. The cabin is merely 150-200 sq feet and it is divided in 3 parts..The outside part is for staff with continuous telephone’s (landline) ringing where already 2 to 3 people are sitting. Then comes a small cabin wherein hardly 3 people can sit, that one is for the IAS..and the last part of the cabin is for the IPS both of equal size (hardly 40 to 50 sq feet). Apart from size constraints, there is no sound proofing done, so when the staff outside has a romantic conversation with his wife, both IAS and IPS can hear it very comfortably…as all 3 parts of the room are literally divided with wooden planks and there is no privacy at all. But yes, the doors given to these cabins are so huge and strong that the WI-FI refuses to pass …Then there is no signal on mobile phones…There is one TV in each cabin, but nothing can be heard as there is already so much commotion. So, both the secretaries of the CM miss what is said inside the House. Now the fun part…Now many know that there is no place for Secretaries or Principal Secretaries in Vidhan Bhavan…they usually sit in their Ministers cabin when they are called up for briefing or they prefer to sit at the CM’s chamber (means in the same cabin I just described). Obviously they cannot due to size constraints. Then what do they do? then these Ias and IPS loiter in the hallway till they are called…CM Sir, please this is the same team who helps you to take decisions with a few thousands of crores…At Least give them a cabin and space worth 1000 sq feet in Vidhan Bhavan which suits their profile!

– Vikrant Hemant Joshi.

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