VED Demands Rashtriya Raksha University in Nagpur

Nagpur :- Promoting the establishing of Nagpur as an iconic education hub, VED Council envisages that the Rashtriya Raksha University be set up in Nagpur, vacant land in MIHAN being the ideal site for locating such a university. We understand that the preference is to establish this University near Mumbai, but Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, has expressed his desire to locate it in Nagpur.

This University endeavors to focus on highly professional security, police education, research, and training through its qualified civilian and security faculty, committed human resources, motivated participants and students, intellectually stimulating and professional disciplined environment, and world-wide network, sharing, and exchange. The University aims to become an academic-research-training ecosystem for security and police.

Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU) is a central university and an Institute of National iimportance located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. It has a specialization in national and internal security. It is not to be confused with the Indian Defence University (IDU) which is focused on the Indian military, whereas RRU is focused on the police, Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) and the Paramilitary forces of India. It was established by the Government of Gujarat, in 2009. In 2020, via an act of Parliament of India, the Government of India took over the university from the Government of Gujarat.

The university offers under-graduate, post-graduate, research degree programmes, and professional diploma and certificate programmes and was inaugurated by the former chief minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi on 22 July 2010. The university has been upgraded as Rashtriya Raksha University, a national university, as an Institute of national importance through the Rashtriya Raksha University Act, passed by Parliament in October 2020.

The university was set up to provide youth with better academic qualifications in the fields of counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, internal security, police science, forensic science and cyber security and lays great emphasis on professional security, strategy and defence education.

On 12 March 2022, the university after being dedicated to the nation was given the mandate to establish its campuses all across the country to produce trained manpower for the security organizations of India, by the Prime Minister of India,  Narendra Modi, and the Minister of Home Affairs and Cooperation Minister,  Amit Shah. RRU at present has two campuses, with the first campus in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, and the second, in Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh. The third campus of the university is set to be inaugurated in Uttar Pradesh. Karnataka is permitted to establish a new campus in 2023. VED proposes to them that one be set up in Nagpur as its central location would be beneficial to the entire central Indian landsscape.

The Schools of Rashtriya Raksha University have several training Schools such as a School of Internal Security and Police Administration (SISPA), School of IT, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security (SITAICS), School of Integrated Coastal and Maritime Security Studies (SICMSS), School of Internal Security, Defence and Strategic Studies (SISDSS), School of Forensics, Risk Management and National Security (SFRMNS), School of International Cooperation, Security and Strategic Languages (SICSSL), School of Criminology and Behavioural Sciences (SCBS), School of National Security and Law (SNSL), School of Applied Sciences, Engineering, and Technology (SASET), School of Physical Education and Sports (SPES).

It has Security and Scientific Technical Research Association (SASTRA), Research and publication centres, Publications by Researchers and Faculties, and RRU provides training and education to its civilian students, and personnel from various central and state police forces, agencies of the government, paramilitary forces, defense forces, and private and corporate security. The university works towards skilling aspirants for security forces, upskilling the in-service personnel, and re-skilling the ex-servicemen and women.

The Internship & Placement Division of Rashtriya Raksha University endeavours to facilitate and provide suitable placement in reputed multinationals, government organizations and the private sectors. All students of the university are entitled to placement assistance, need-based training and counselling for employment. The division assures support to the visiting organizations at every stage of the placement by making university infrastructure available to them.

Their mission is to identify, prepare and sustain statecraft of national strategic and security culture through continuous enhancement and development of educational, research and training cadres from the security, police and civilian society.

Faculty comprises of qualified, result-oriented and enthusiastic academicians, researchers and practitioners drawn from civilian and security / police backgrounds.

Students or participants, while mainly come from security / military, police forces and civilian backgrounds, their diversity create a mosaic of regional, linguistic, cultural and ethnic diversity, which gives The University a national character, makes it an “

They also seek to engage and collaborate with foreign institutions and agencies, including international organisations, such as UN Peace-Keeping Forces, UN Police, INTERPOL, International Maritime Organisation, International Telecommunication Union, UNCOPOUS, International Civil Aviation Organisation, etc., working for promoting and maintaining peace, security and global order based on respect for international law and comity of nations.


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