US Ambassador Eric Garcetti meets Maharashtra Governor Keen to include cricket in 2028 LA Olympics

Mumbai :- The newly appointed Ambassador of the United States of America to India Eric Garcetti today said that the United States is keen to include the game of cricket in the Olympics being hosted by Los Angels in the year 2028. The Ambassador felt that Mumbai and Ahmedabad can consider hosting the 2036 Olympics.

Garcetti was speaking to Maharashtra Governor Ramesh Bais during a courtesy call at Raj Bhavan Mumbai on Wed (17 May)

Mentioning that he is a keen follower of cricket, the Ambassador said he has requested film star Shahrukh Khan to lend his support the Los Angels cricket team.

The Ambassador told the Governor that President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are expected to have four meetings in as many months in Tokyo, Australia, Washington and New Delhi.

Referring to his meeting with Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Ambassador Garcetti said he is keen to enhance cooperation with Maharashtra in the areas of Education, Skill Development, Agriculture and Climate Adoption technologies.

Welcoming the Ambassador to Maharashtra, Governor Ramesh Bais expressed the hope that well known Universities in USA will open campuses in Maharashtra or tie up with State universities. He said India will appreciate US support it in the areas of skilling, upskillling and reskilling.

Consul General Mike Hankey, Consul for Political and Economic Affairs Christopher Brown and Priyanka Visaria-Nayak, Political Advisor to Consul General joined the Ambassador Garcetti during his meeting with the Governor.


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