Tribal Gond Culture Depicted at Ujwal Nagar Metro Station


(Nagpur Metro Rail Project)

• C20 Preparations in Full Swing

NAGPUR:- Even as various agencies are busy in preparations for the Civil Society 20 meet, better known as C20, which is part of G20, Maha Metro has depicted tribal culture at Ujwal Nagar Metro Station. The various activities of tribal Gond community are depicted in the median in front of the Metro Station.

The C20 meet is set to be held in in a few days’ time. Various agencies are working overtime to beautify the city to welcome the foreign delegates who are set to visit Nagpur. Maha Metro Nagpur has chipped in with its share of city makeover with varying designs, at Ujwal Nagar Metro Station.

Three spaces of median between pillars have been utilised for depicting the culture. In the first median space, 11 tribal men and women are seen dancing to the beats of folk music, which is inherent to tribal lifestyle. The tribal have been shown to holed hands and play music instruments. The men and women have adorned tribal costumes and sport typical headgear.

In the second median space, hut has been shown. Similarly, a go-down with stores food grains, has also been depicted there. Tribals are known to store food grain in hut. This apart, they have also been depicted carrying forest wood for their daily requirements, which is a seen in rural areas. A man and woman working on grinder could also be seen.

In the third and the last median, Gond community members have been shown to return home after completing their daily agriculture chores. A tree, pair of bullock and a pet dog has also been shown in that median space. Ornamental plants have been put up on both the sides.

The entire series of art work in the three median spaces showcases lifestyle of the tribal Gond community. The creative are proving to be centre of attraction for the passer-by’s.

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