Target of bringing down deaths in the country due to heat waves to zero – Kunal Sattyarthi

Mumbai – Stating that India has maximum heatwave in the world, National Disaster management authority (NDMA) joint secretary Kunal Sattyarthi appealed various organizations, experts, societal elements and Governments to bring down loss of lives due to heatwave in India to zero especially on the backdrop of detailed discussions on various measures on heatwaves in 2-day workshop.

NDMA along with IIT Mumbai, Vishweshwaraiya National technology institute Nagpur and Maharashtra state disaster management authority had jointly organized a 2-day national workshop on the topic of heat waves – disaster management and various measures at IIT Mumbai. He was addressing the concluding session of the workshop.

Various Government officials and experts from all over the country presented their views on heatwaves related research and various measures to mitigate the impact during the workshop.

The workshop discussed various issues including the fact that growing heatwaves are causing various kinds of damages to mankind like physical, psychological and economic. It also discussed ways and means to mitigate this impact through an action plan along with propagating information to create awareness, infrastructure facilities and institutional capacity building so that by using technical and natural resources safety against heat waves can be attained.

Dr Krishna Vatsa of the NDMA said that there is a need for effective implementation of the action plan of the state Government to mitigate heat waves. Vatsa underlined the need for disseminating information to farmers about adverse impact on crops and the same for the labour class in addition to appointing heat officers for collecting the detailed data about heat waves and related aspects. Underlining the need for inter-organizational coordination, she said that for heatwave observation and study, data collections need to be done and expressed the need for providing a fillip to the research on impact of heat waves on health.

Amandeep Yadav of Press Information Bureau expressed the need for separate action plans for publicity in rural and urban areas about the heatwaves and various measures on those. He also expressed the need for publishing the information as per people’s need and in simple language.

Various experts pointed out that there are different temperature areas in the country and even different lifestyles of people residing in similar temperature conditions. They expressed the need for taking measures by studying people’s lifestyle and cited various examples like population density in slum areas leads to temperature rise and increase the possibility of fire incidents which is why they also expressed the need for research on these aspects by firmly advocating for deaths due to heat waves to be counted under natural calamities.

Solutions on heat waves was the topic which was discussed today in the concluding session. NDMA president Rajendra Singh, joint secretary Kunal Sattyarhi, Dr Krishna Vatsa, secretary Aalok, Mahila Housing Trust director Bijal Brahmabhatta, Seeds director Manu Gupta, Dr Abhiyan Tiwari of NRDC, principal secretary to department of disaster management Assemkumar Gupta, member secretary to the NDMA Kamal Kishor, Prof, Ravi Sinha and experts from educational institutions and Government officials were present.

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