SMHRC Cardiac Surgery Division garners confidence of Central Indians

Boon for MJPJAY and PMJAY beneficiaries

 Nagpur :-NABH accredited Shalinitai Meghe Hospital & Research Center (SMHRC); the 500 bedded multi super speciality teaching hospital of Datta Meghe Medical College based in Wanadongri has become a boon for the common man with its mission of most economical ethical quality Health care. More than 250 full time doctors serve the needy in this medical college. All specialities and Superspeciality services are available in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Superspeciality Institute (DBASI) attached to SMHRC.

Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (CVTS), SMHRC & DBASI under leadership Dr. Sumbul Siddique (Saiyed), MCh- full time Senior Cardiac Surgeon is making a distinct change in lives of patients in need of heart surgery.

Within a short span of 1 month, they have successfully undertaken 15 heart surgeries including Bypass and valve replacements. High risk patients like multiple valve repairs and bypass and valve replacements in patients with ejection fraction of 20% was also successfully undertaken. Within 5-7 days, most of the bypass patients are going home with only 2 days in ICU. Even Arterial grafts- LIMA is being undertaken on a routine basis.

Dr. Anup Marar- CEO and Director, SMHRC stated that Dr. Rupali Shendre, Senior Cardiac Anaesthetist backs Dr. Sumbul Siddique (Saiyed) while Dr. Avez Hassan- Clinical Associate leads a team of dedicated Medical Officers, Perfusionists and technicians. Dr. Vasant Gawande-SMHRC CMS added that Col. Ramani Nair, Deputy Director (Nursing) who is herself CVTS Specialized Nurse leads a team of dedicated Cardiac Nurses while Bipin Mokal heads team of BME Engineers. Dr. Sudhir Singh, SMHRC AMS mentioned that MJPJAY and PMJAY beneficiaries are treated free of cost. Amit Das- Deputy Director with support of Sanket Surkar is coordinating all awareness and outreach activities to ensure optimum utilization of high-quality SMHRC Cardiac Sciences services.

Looking at the full-time qualified dedicated team and successful outcomes of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Division and huge waiting list in Government super speciality hospitals, needy MJPJAY and PMJAY beneficiaries suffering from varied heart diseases from Nagpur, Vidarbha and Madhya Pradesh are reaching SMHRC for fast-track surgeries and relief.

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