Simplydesi and Flipkart Orientation and Market Access Workshop gets an enthusiastic response

Nagpur:-In an attempt to improve awareness among women of Self Help Groups, Cottage Industries, and other rural cooperative entities, an Orientation and Market Access Workshop was held at The Suresh Bhat Sabhagruha on Sunday.

The event was organised by SimplyDesi, an initiative of Sahakar Bharti in association with Flipkart. Vinod Tawde, National General Secretary, BJP:  Rajneesh Kumar, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Flipkart Group; Swapnil Joshi wellknown Film and actor,  Dinanath Thakur, National President, Sahakar Bharati, and  Madhubala Saboo, Chairperson, SimplyDesi were present on the dais.

The event began with a captivating performance of the ‘Sahkar Geet, Saboo in her opening remarks, provided a comprehensive overview of the workshop’s objectives, accompanied by an informative audio-visual presentation. Tawde informed about the government’s support for the cooperative movement. The session was further addressed by esteemed speakers, including in his speech, Thakur highlighted the cooperative enterprises in order to drive socio-economic development Rajneesh Kumar From Flipkart Group assured all participants to support them on Flipkart and also guided them for marketing and business development. Speaking on the occasion, famous actor Swapnil Joshi praised the work commitment of Simplydesi and supported this initiative.

The audiences also benefited from an engaging Induction session conducted, also talking about the Flipkart Samarth initiative, in empowering women, rural artisans, providing practical insights to enhance market access and seize emerging opportunities. In all, more than 1800 women entrepreneurs and members of self-help groups from 737 villages in East Vidarbha took part in the event. Co-operative societies gained valuable insights and guidance,

that will be helpful for them to enhance their market accessibility. Our motive behind conducting this workshop was to empower co-operatives by providing them with the knowledge and tools to thrive in today’s competitive market. Together, we can foster a sustainable and self-reliant ecosystem,’ said Saboo.

Commenting on the event’s success,  Rajneesh Kumar, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Flipkart Group, said, “Flipkart is committed to supporting and creating value for artisans, MSMEs, SHGS, and women-led enterprises across India. We are thrilled with the encouraging response to today’s workshop. Through Flipkart Samarth, we aim to continue providing them with the knowledge, the tools, and the national market access they need to grow their businesses.”

Madhubala , Co-Founder, Simply desi, said, “At Simplydesi, we are dedicated to bringing the offerings ofco-operatives to a wider audience. The partnership with Flipkart has helped us empower local rural women artisans and self-help groups with the knowledge and resources to understand the fast-growing e-commerce industry and leverage it for business growth. We believe that by organizing such workshops, we can help them reach their full potential and showcase their unique and diverse offerings to the customers in India and by providing them with the knowledge and tools to thrive in today’s competitive market. Together, we can foster a sustainable and self-reliant ecosystem”

Swati Mohril and Kamlesh Falkunde conducted the proceedings while the women’s cell in charge of Sahakar Bharati Revati Shendurikar proposed a vote of thanks


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