Remove illegal Mazhaar at mate square  immediately or Mns will take the issue in its own hands, says Rahul Pande

Nagpur :- Maharashtra Navnirma Sena’s South west Nagpur wing met Nmc officials of Dharampeth Zone regarding the removal illegal Mazhar constructed right on the foothpath near Mate sqaure.

Rahul Pande vice president of Mns South West Nagpur wing said,In 2022 itself the Hon.High court issued guidelines to clear the foothpath of any encroachments & nmc is continuously failing to implement the same which can be very well termed as contempt of court orders.

“We have requested the Nmc officials to remove the illegal mazhar several times but the officials are not taking any action on the same for reasons best known to them & If Nmc is not willing to remove this encroachment then we will have to intervene into the matter in our style”

Said Rahul pande.

Mahila vibhag adhyaksh Shrimati. Sangeeta Sontakke Saharan,Secretary Vaishali Fulzele along with shakha adhyaksh Aman Pawankar & karyakarta’s Viraj Deshmukh & Rajkumar mishra,Priyanka Joshi,Snehal Raut were also present during the meeting at Nmc Dharampeth zone.

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Wed Jun 7 , 2023
नागपूर :- दक्षिण नागपूर मतदार संघातील कामगार कल्याण भवन राजे रघुजी नगर येथील जलतरण तलाव कोवीड काळापासून बंद होता. त्या संदर्भात आमदार मोहन मते यांनी अनेकदा सभागृहात प्रश्न उपस्थित केले. या विषयावर मंत्री महोदयांनी यावर लक्ष केंद्रित करून तातडीने कामगार कल्याण निधी अंतर्गत १ कोटी ९९ लक्ष निधी उपलब्ध करून दिला या कार्याचे भूमिपूजन दिनांक ०३/०६/२०२३ रोजी आमदार मोहन मते […]

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