Nagpur :- Due to heavy rains in Nagpur and its adjoining areas, the city in areas of Ambazari, Sitabuldi, Mor Bhawan, Variety Chowk and other areas was flooded during early hours of the morning.

Indian Army flood relief columns from Headquarters Uttar Maharashtra & Gujrat Sub Area were requisitioned by the District Collector Nagpur in the morning. Two columns of Indian Army with Engineer equipment and boats were deployed in the area of Ambazari for flood rescue operations on 23 Sep 23 morning. Indian Army rescued about 40 persons in all age categories and also provided them with medical aid. The situation is now under control.

However, in view of evolving flood situation in Nagpur, Kamptee and Chandrapur, the Indian Army teams have been put on alert by the Nagpur District Administration.

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पंतप्रधान उद्या 24 सप्टेंबर रोजी, 9 वंदे भारत गाड्यांना झेंडा दाखवून रवाना करणार

Sat Sep 23 , 2023
– या 9 वंदे भारत गाड्यांमुळे 11 राज्यांतील दळणवळणाला चालना मिळेल – पुरी, मदुराई आणि तिरुपती यांसारख्या महत्त्वाच्या धार्मिक स्थळांना वंदे भारत गाड्यांची सुविधा देण्यात येणार – या गाड्या त्या त्या मार्गावर धावणाऱ्या सर्वात वेगवान गाड्या असतील आणि त्यामुळे प्रवाशांच्या वेळेची लक्षणीय प्रमाणात बचत होईल – या नव्या रेल्वे गाड्या प्रवाशांना जागतिक दर्जाच्या प्रवासाचा अनुभव देतील आणि त्यांच्यामुळे पर्यटनाला देखील […]

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