Nagpur : A 58 year old male patient with a large tumor on his back was suffering from discomfort and weight of the swelling was referred to Wockhardt Hospital Nagpur . Previously he was operated at some other hospital but the tumor could not be removed completely and the report was also not clear about the type of tumor. Movements of his lower body parts were completely restricted and there were no urinary symptoms. Patient was immediately taken for MRI which showed large tumor which was attached firmly to the muscle underneath.

During the first two days of patients stay , Chief Physician Dr. Swarup Verma , Wockhardt Hospital controlled active systemic infection .After that Dr Rahul Zamad operated on tumor which was very hard looking solid tumor of size 18X15 cm . The tumor was separated from the surrounding tissue, which was with the fascia of the muscle. The patient recovered after the surgery and was discharged within 3 days after the surgery. Patients report was of high grade.

Dr Rahul Zamad, said “Myxofibrosarcoma which is a rare soft tissue tumor at this part of the body. Soft-tissue sarcomas are uncommon tumors, and are traditionally managed by wide excisional surgery and radiotherapy. Such type of tumor may cause abnormalities, such as, neoplasm, infection, traumatism, or congenital or immune myopathy, may be encountered in the parspinal muscles. Myxofibrosarcomas are commonly found in patients during their 6th through 8th decades of life with a slight male predominance. Myxofibrosarcomas are classified as low- to high-grade tumors, and their recurrence rate is up to 50%. Although soft tissue sarcomas can arise anywhere in the body, but majority of tumor occur in the lower parts of the body. Other body parts where they occur are upper extremity, limb girdle, abdomen, trunk, head, and neck. At Wockhardt Hospitals surgery of brain tumors, spinal tumors and related tissue are carried out on a regular basis. We at Wockhardt are always ready to give best service at minimum cost. ”

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