Rangoli on Metro Trains, Stations; Diwali Faral & Other Shops Too

800 Sq Ft Rangoli Main Attraction at Sitabuldi Interchange

Maha Metro Organizes Rangoli Contest Tomorrow (Sunday – 23 October) at Zero Mile Freedom Park Metro Station 

Nagpur :- While the festival of lights is being celebrated everywhere, Nagpur Metro has also made up exhaustive measures to welcome this festival of Diwali. A glimpse of these measures can be seen at not just metro stations but also on metro trains. The measures have been taken to give a feel of Diwali celebrations to Nagpur Metro passengers.

An important part of these preparations for this festival is the huge Rangoli on display at Sitabuldi Interchange. A team of 6 women took around 5 hours to create this Rangoli, which is spread over an area of around 800 square feet. About 20 kg of 12 types of different colors were used to make this Rangoli.

Passengers at the Metro station thronged to see this Rangoli while it was being made and even after it was completed. Traditional `diyas’ and other auspicious symbols – which are part of Diwali celebrations, are displayed through the Rangoli.

Apart from this 800-sq ft Rangoli, Maha Metro the employees of have prepared Rangolis at other metro stations. The big Rangoli at Sitabardi Interchange and other stations give a feel of Diwali to Nagpurians.

Apart from this, Maha Metro has organized Rangoli competition for Nagpurians tomorrow (Sunday – 23rd October) at the Freedom Park of Zero Mile Station. The competition will be held between 11 am and 2 pm. The competition is open to all age groups. Those wishing to participate may reach Zero Mile Metro Station on the scheduled time and participate in it.

Attractive prizes will be given to the first 5 winning contestants. Apart from Rangoli, Nagpur Metro has also made provisions for Diwali shopping for the passengers. Passengers can buy `Faral’ and other Diwali-related items from shops set up at the metro stations. Maha Metro urges Nagpurians to take advantage of these various measures.

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