Private School and Coaching Class Nexus The Barter and The Cheated

Did you notice that all of a sudden since your child cleared the 12th board exams the number of voice messages and calls from coaching classes suddenly increased? How did the coaching classes manage to get your number and details of your child?In our previous articles we had explained how the coaching classes got your phone number and details of your child. We explained that there is a huge nexus between the coaching classes and most of the privately-run schools. Coaching classes procure the Data of each and every student who is preparing for the 10th and 12th Boards way ahead before they even appear for the board examinations.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand the Nexus of the Education department, The coaching institute and The Private school. How else would your mobile number be known to coaching classes if the Education department and Schools wouldn’t have been involved?

Since the data thus procured from the Education Department somewhat becomes so common that almost each and every coaching class eventually gets your number and calls you and pitch their courses offered by them to you. At one-point Parents know exactly who is calling, since many parents mark that number as spam or tele marketing in their true caller, and this way the next parent who gets called gets to know that it’s a spam call and doesn’t even bother to pick up that call. Some even go to the extent of blocking the number and soon the true caller marks that number as spam and color codes such numbers in red.

Since the tele calling and tele sales by the coaching institutes wasn’t yielding, they came up with the idea of getting into tie ups with private schools and thus the trend began. you will find most schools involved in such creamy deals professionally known as tie ups Openly or discreetly. Though any commercial activity carried out by schools in the name of tie ups, training, activity, courses etc. is illegal and not permissible by the Education Department, yet such things are noticed every now and then, which raises a big question about the Education department too being hand in glove with this kind of tie up?

In such kind of tie ups, the schools save a hefty amount by not having to pay hefty salaries of senior and experienced teachers required to teach the 1oth and 12th standard curriculum, since the coaching class provides their own teachers to teach the subjects as per the specified curriculum plus their own subjects. But what actually is being taught inside the school classrooms by the coaching class teachers, under the so-called tie up could be any one’s guess.

It’s a Win- Win situation for all.

Let’s understand Who benefits and who loses. 

Private Schools involved in Tie ups:

Private Schools involved in such shady tie ups benefit the most. For reasons such as 1: Save on paying hefty salaries of Senior Teachers (Teachers are provided by the Tie up coaching Institute) 2: Apart from the yearly academic fee that they charge from each student, they get a decent share /cut from the coaching class for each student that enrolls in such in school tie ups.(almost 90 % students agree to enroll in such tie ups) 3: Schools manage to retain the students by luring them and parents with such tie ups , who otherwise may take TC to go to any other Junior College.

Coaching Classes (Into tie ups with school): Get a good number of students under one roof and at one place, without having to invest in Infrastructure and other overheads etc. 2: Save a lot on marketing and promotional activities costs, since such tie ups are more promising and rewarding.3: Optimum usage of their full-time teachers since most of the coaching institutions conduct their classes in the morning or evening. Since the faculty has a big interval between morning and evening classes, they are utilized in providing service under such tie ups that usually are during the early and late afternoons during the school timing’s. This way the coaching institutes benefit by having three slots (including the one in the school) which otherwise remains limited to two in cases of coaching classes not involved in such tie ups.

Students: Students are benefitted (or not) since they have a lot of spare time since they don’t have to go to coaching classes after the school is over. Parents also think that these tie ups don’t burden their children with extra studies and extra load of going to the tuition classes after the school gets over. But was their decision wise enough is well known to those who chose this option and realized it was a waste of money, time and effort.

The Education Department: The Department gets its share from the coaching institute and the school. A good amount that the coaching and the school agrees to pay is all that is required for them to keep their eyes closed and their mouth shut and to not to initiate any action against such schools involved in otherwise not permissible commercial activity within the school.

Can’t the Education Department see what we see and what’s there to see in full sight right before their eyes too.?

If these tie ups had really been beneficial in shaping a child’s career and improving their academic prowess then why only just 2 -3 qualify in the entrance test results? Then why are we sending them to schools? Then why don’t we simply send our children directly to coaching classes and boycott schools? Time has come for the parents to be more practical rather than being emotionally blind. Else such tie ups will thrive and flourish, such schools will mint money, Corruption in the Education Department will flourish, but the student will never benefit.


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