Prioritize power safety at public events ; Appeal of MSEDCL to get authorized electricity connection.

Nagpur Dt. 1st September 2023 – MSEDCL has appealed to the Public Festival Mandals to take serious measures regarding power security for the upcoming Ganesha Festival and the subsequent Navaratri Festival and Dhammachakra Pravartan Day celebrations and get authorized temporary power connections available to public institutions at domestic electricity supply rates.

The Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission has fixed electricity rates for temporary electricity connection to public festivals of all religions under the MSEDCL jurisdiction at the rate of domestic electricity supply. Therefore, by avoiding unauthorized electricity connections, legal power supply should be taken for public festivals and public safety should be given importance. The power system required for pavilions, lighting, scenes, garba, bhojandan and other programs for these festivals should be done by authorized power contractors only.

In case of possible need for urgent assistance, public bodies should contact the 24-hour toll-free number 1912, 18002123435, or 18002333435 or give a missed call on 022-50897100. Apart from this, it has been requested on behalf of MSEDCL that the office-bearers of the public festival board should keep the mobile numbers of the engineers and public friends of the concerned areas of MSEDCL nearby.

Public safety is important.

Ganeshotsav, Navratrotsav and Dhammachakra Pravartan Day celebrations are attended by a large number of ordinary citizens, so that their joy is not marred. The devotees can enjoy the picturesque scenes without any untoward incident, so that the public bodies should ensure that the illuminations and processions do not touch the electric wires and poles in the area. Be careful.

It is necessary to have a separate neutral for the power supply and generator. If the generator is started while the power supply is off, there is a possibility of an accident as electricity from the generator flows into the low pressure line due to a single neutral.

Do not take power supply from nearby power poles or cables, as this increases the potential risk of life and financial loss.

Ensure that the wire or cable required for electrical connection is capable of carrying the electrical load.

Broken or loose wires should not be used and, if used, should be covered with certified insulation tape.

Deputy Chief Public Relations Officer,

MSEDCL, Nagpur

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