Nagpur :-The much-awaited techno-economic feasibility study Report prepared by Engineers India Ltd. (EIL), was handed over to Dr. Vipin Sharma, IAS, CEO – MIDC in Mumbai recently. The handing over was done by Vinayak Marathe, refinery and petrochimal expert in the presence of Varun Phuljhale (EIL), Anil Kumar (EIL), Dr. Vijay Rathod, IAS,Jt. CEO (V), and Upendra Tamore Dep. CEO – MIDC. A presentation was also made by EIL on the subject.

Although this is an Interim Report, according to the Report, the petrochemical complex is viable in Nagpur with 8 options of various feedstock comprising naptha and ethane gases. The next step would be handing over the Report to Devendra Fadnavis, DCM and Minister Industries, Uday Samant, (GoM) who would seek investors for the project from among Public Sector Undertakings.

Meanwhile, it is understood that Gas Authority of India Ltd. (GAIL) is keen on investing in Maharashtra in a petrochemical complex.

Vidarbha region suffers badly due to the high cost of all the petroleum products and various petrochemicals, most of the products of day to day use. Logistics and other issues make it very expensive compared to the other parts of the country. Petrochemical complexes give more than 60 products directly and indirectly used by many of the sectors. This project would make products and petrochemicals cheaper and a large number of industries could then come in this region. A petrochemical complex is highly viable and feasible and due to its due to its central location, it would be beneficial to the nearby states as well.

Most of the talent goes out of Nagpur for jobs, thereby supporting the economy of other metro cities. Thus it is very important to create direct as well as indirect jobs for the local people on a sustainable basis. This project can provide the same with many other related investments in the region. MSMEs would get initiated as ancillaries for this mega project and flourish in this region.


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17 ला आकाश आनंद ची सभा रेकॉर्ड ब्रेक होईल - नितीन सिंग 

Fri Nov 10 , 2023
नागपूर :- बहुजन समाज पार्टीचे युवा आयकाँन आकाश आनंद हे 17 नोव्हेंबर रोजी नागपुरात येत असून दुपारी सुरेश भट सभागृहात त्यांची जाहीर सभा होत आहे. या कार्यक्रमामुळे विदर्भात उत्साहाचे वातावरण तयार झाले असून विदर्भातून फुले शाहू आंबेडकरी विचारांचे पदाधिकारी, कार्यकर्ते मोठ्या संख्येने उपस्थित राहतील. ही सभा रेकॉर्डब्रेक होईल असा विश्वास बसपाचे नॅशनल कॉर्डिनेटर नितीन सिंग यांनी आज व्यक्त केला. आकाश […]

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