One Nation One Election: Audience’s doubts cleared by discussion

– “One Nation; One Election” Concept Not Feasible: Dr. Firdaus Mirza

– One Country; One Election Beneficial for the Nation: Adv. Shrirang Bhandarkar

– Discussion by Lokgarjana Pratishthan

Nagpur :- India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proposed the concept of “One Nation One Election.” He has established a committee for this purpose, which will study the necessary legal and practical measures required for the implementation of this concept. “One Nation One Election” poses several challenges and may require amendments to the constitution. Further more, it raises concerns about the federal structure of India. Dr. Firdaus Mirza believes that the concept of one country, one election is not suitable for India.On the other hand, Adv. Shrirang Bhandarkar argues that it could be beneficial for the nation. Both individuals effectively addressed the concerns of the public during the discussion.

Under the banner of Lokgarjana Pratishthan, a discussion was organized on Sunday, September 10, at the Shrimant Baburao Dhanwate Sabhagruha, Shankar Nagar Square, Nagpur, attended by prominent lawyers Adv. Shrirang Bhandarkar and Dr. Firdaus Mirza.

India is a country known for its diversity in cuisine, clothing, languages and cultures. Despite this diversity, the constitution has kept the nation united. However, implementing “One Nation; One Election” might endanger the democratic spirit. Dr. Firdaus Mirza also suggested that instead of focusing solely on one election, the government should consider “One Nation; One Education,” as proposed by Mumbai High Court’s senior advocate Adv. Firdaus Mirza.

He argued that in India, not all Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha terms last a full five years. In such cases, running a government without elections becomes a challenge. The decisions taken during such periods, such as demonetization and lockdowns, have significant consequences on the common citizens. Therefore, “One Nation; One Election” may not be feasible. Several metropolitan municipalities in India have been administered by bureaucrats for over two years without elections. Is this democracy? We should learn from countries like Israel, China and Russia, which have different systems in place. These were the thoughts expressed by Adv. Firdaus Mirza.

Adv. Shrirang Bhandarkar stated that “One Country; One Election” would strengthen democracy. It would reduce election costs and enable voters to participate in all elections simultaneously. The people’s voice will play a more significant role in this system. The concept of “One Nation; One Election” should not be dismissed outright & a detailed discussion should be held to determine its impact.

Ajay Patil made the initial arrangements for the discussion in the field of research. He honored both speakers with mementos. This event was attended by Roshan Bagde, the president of the District Bar Council, Pragati Patil, the former chairperson of the Women and Child Welfare Committee, Sharad Patil, Senior Journalist Balasaheb Kulkarni and Shubhankar Patil of Lokgarjana Pratishthan.


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