NWIS organised Parenting Workshop at Chitnavis Centre

Nagpur :- Waldorf Inspired School (NWIS) is all about educating the child through the head, heart and hands to be a confident and secure Individual, setting out to conquer the world. NWIS held a Parenting Workshop at Chitnavis Centre on 24th February, 2024 from 9.30 to 5.30 pm.

This workshop proved beneficial for those who wanted insights about how to face, meet and handle the challenges of parenting in the prevalent dynamic. surroundings. Parents of students as well as those who wanted to know more about the futuristic system of Education, Waldorf, came to listen to the experts. Sanket Saraf, Founder Director of NWIS, delivered the Welcome address. The day commenced with Rahima Baldwin Dancy from Boulder, USA, acclaimed author of the book “You are your Child’s First Teacher”. In an online interview conducted by Saraf, Rahima, the founding Board Member of Lifeways North America told the audience about the value of childhood and the importance of protecting it. Rahima also answered questions from the audience. This was followed by the in-person session by Preeti Misra, a trainer and accomplished Mentor for Kindergarten schools of Waldorf in India, Preeti spoke about the need of conscious Parenting and education as a process of learning and being mindful about the mental well being and growth of the Individuals in the prevalent competitive and challenging environment they are growing up in. Preeti beautifully wove a story to explain how we can simplify home life, create a healthy environment at home both physically by appropriate planning and by our very own inner attitude. She emphasised on raising happier, calmer and joyful children. A very interactive session it was when Preeti engaged the Parents and every attending individual in an activity involving natural and unnatural play equipments. Dr Rajiv Mohta, Director of Mohta Children and Adolescent Counselling Centre, Nagpur expressed his views about the importance of Nutrition, Exercise, Eating Habits, Television Viewing, Mental Health and positive parental action as important aspects of Happy and Positive Parenting. In his inimitable style of speaking through the Presentation, the session was truly an eye opener for Parents with the listing of Challenges and a question as to how much time the Parents spend with their Child.

The evening concluded with a Q&A session by Preeti and Vote of Thanks proposed by Dr Shanoor K Mirza, Principal, NWIS. The day on parenting ended on a positive note with all those present taking home valuable inputs.

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