Non-Performance of DIMTS and Its Impact on NMC Authority

Nagpur :- The partnership between the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd. (DIMTS) for planning and ticket collection services has raised serious concerns regarding DIMTS’s performance as per the agreement. These concerns have led to substantial losses incurred by the NMC due to DIMTS’s inability to meet its obligations and responsibilities effectively.

1. Lack of User-Friendly Mobile Application

DIMTS failed to develop a user-friendly and regularly updated mobile application for commuters. A reliable, easy-to-use mobile app is crucial for passenger convenience and efficient ticketing. The absence of such an app hindered the overall experience for NMC Aapli Bus Seva riders.

2. Inadequate Revenue Enhancement

DIMTS’s performance has been dismal in terms of increasing revenue and curbing ticket theft. Plugging ticket theft leakage and boosting ridership were fundamental expectations from DIMTS, but these objectives were not met, leading to significant financial losses for NMC.

3. Failure to Adapt to Changing Dynamics

DIMTS did not keep pace with the changing dynamics of the nation, particularly in line with the Digital India initiative. Failure to adapt to evolving technology and market offerings for the improvement of planning, monitoring, and ticket collection systems hampered the progress of NMC’s services.

4. Weak Revenue Collection Oversight

DIMTS exhibited inadequacies in implementing a robust revenue collection oversight system. This deficiency allowed revenue leakage and ticket theft to persist, further impacting NMC’s financial health.

5. Ineffectual Ticket Theft Control

The absence of regular raids at key locations, such as Mor Bhavan and route end points, to curb ticketless passengers indicated DIMTS’s failure in implementing stringent measures to tackle this issue, leading to continued losses.

6. Cumulative Impact on NMC

The collective underperformance in these crucial areas has inflicted substantial financial losses on the NMC. DIMTS’s apparent lack of focus on improving the collection system, mobile application, and digitalization of ticketing systems has had a severe impact on NMC’s ability to provide efficient and financially sustainable public transportation services.

In conclusion, the non-performance of DIMTS as per the agreement with the NMC has not only hindered the growth and efficiency of public transportation in Nagpur but has also resulted in substantial financial losses. It is imperative for both parties to address these issues promptly and collaboratively to rectify the situation and ensure the delivery of high-quality services to the citizens of Nagpur.                                      

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha (9850503020)


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