NMC & Green Vigil Commemorated World Environment Day

Nagpur :- Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Green Vigil Foundation jointly celebrated World Environment Day by conducting public awareness campaigns at Gokulpeth Market in Dharampeth zone and Khamla Market in laxminagar zone on this year’s theme – Beat Plastic Pollution.During the campaign, members of Green Vigil Foundation along with Team of Dharampeth zone and Laxminagar zone interacted with citizens , shopkeepers, street vendors on ill effects of usage of single use plastic, eradication of single use plastic, adopting circular economy, urgency of adopting green living practices & environment friendly lifestyles. The message was also conveyed by various posters and placards focussing on phasing out of single use plastic and adopting sustainable options with change in lifestyles and habits.Surbhi Jaiswal, Team Lead, Green Vigil explained, our campaign is aimed to reach out to the common man on why we should not use single use plastic and suggest possible alternatives. She stated, plastic is non biodegradable, hence , remains in nature for years, plastic carry bags below 50 microns are choking our sewerage system, rivers and oceans are polluted with huge deposition of microplastic, leaving waste food in plastic carry bags are causing death to cattle. A ban on plastic can result in 25% reduction in emission of greenhouse gases. However, to eradicate single use plastic, we need to come out with sustainable alternatives to single use plastic at the same price, she added.Prominently present during the campaign were Prakash Warhade, Deputy Commissioner, Dr. Ganjendra Mahalle, Deputy Commissioner, Vijay gurubakshani, EE. Manish Soni, PRO NMC, Deendayal Tembekar, Zonal Officer and others.

Kaustav Chatterjee, Surbhi Jaiswal, Mehul Kosurkar, Sheetal Choudhary, Bishnudeo Yadav, Shriya Jogey, Priya Yadav, Parth Jumde, Trupti Bangadkar along with NDS Team and staff of Dharampeth & Laxminagar Zone of NMC worked hard for the success of the campaign.

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