NDS cracks whip against 3184 vendors flouting hygiene, cleanliness norms

Rs. 12,73,600 fine recovered between October and January

Nuisance Detection Squad’s campaign continues unabated

 Nagpur : Nagpur Municipal Corporation is fully working to make Nagpur city clean and beautiful. Accordingly, strict action is being taken by the Nagpur Municipal Corporation against those who spread filth in public places and deface the locality and spread nuisance. According to the directives of Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Radhakrishnan B, action is being taken by Nuisance Detection Squad of Nagpur Municipal Corporation against the handcarts, pan stalls, hawkers, small vegetable sellers and workshops, garages and other repair professionals who are spreading filth in public places in the city and littering the vicinity of their shops. Between October 11 and January 11, action has been taken against 3184 people like handcarts, stalls, pan thela owners, hawkers, small vegetable sellers. Handcarts, stalls, panthelas, hawkers, and small vegetable vendors in public places are being fined Rs 400 each in each instance by the NDS. A fine of Rs 12 lakh 73 thousand 600 has been recovered from these 3184 persons who have flouted norms. Apart from this, action has been taken against 33 people who littered the roads in workshops, garages and other repair shops and spread unsanitary conditions, and a fine of Rs. 1,000 has been collected. A total fine of Rs 13 lakh 6 thousand 600 rupees has been recovered in both the actions. The Nuisance Detection Squad of Nagpur Municipal Corporation has initiated more stringent action against those who litter, throw garbage, spit, use plastic bags less than 50 microns in public places. The Municipal Corporation is working to make Nagpur city a better city in terms of living standards. Special steps are being taken by the municipality to make Nagpur clean, beautiful and healthy. The municipal corporation is trying to provide various services and ensure convenience of the citizens through various schemes. Meanwhile, action is also being taken by NDS teams against citizens who pollute the vicinity of their shops by spreading filth in the city. Under the guidance of Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Radhakrishnan B, NDS chief Virsen Tambe; Sanjay Khandare, NDS chief of Laxmi Nagar Zone; Dharmaraj Katre NDS chief of Dharampeth Zone, Pawan Dongre NDS chief of Hanuman Nagar Zone, Narahari Virkare NDS chief of Dhantoli Zone, Natthu Khandekar NDS chief of Nehru Nagar Zone, Sushil Tupate NDS chief of Gandhibagh Zone, Premadas Tarwatkar NDS chief of Satranjipura Zone, Sudhir Sudke NDS chief of Lakadganj Zone, Sanjay Sonone NDS chief of Ashi Nagar zone and Narendra Turkar NDS chief of Mangalwari zone are taking action against those flouting cleanliness and hygiene norms with their jawans.

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