Nagpur’s Public Transportation Takes a Leap into the Digital Future

Nagpur :- India- In a groundbreaking move, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is set to revolutionize its public transportation system through comprehensive digitization. With only 361 out of 478 buses currently operational and a mere 56 out of 189 planned routes in service, Nagpur’s public bus service has faced a challenging period. Reduced ridership, operational frequency, and passenger convenience have all suffered as a result.

To address these issues and usher in a new era of reliability and efficiency, Nagpur has embarked on an ambitious journey of digitization. This digital transformation aims to elevate the city’s bus service to international standards and boost ridership, revenue, and overall passenger satisfaction.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Improving the passenger experience is at the forefront of Nagpur’s digitization initiative. Real-time live-bus tracking and live arrival times will empower passengers with information, minimizing waiting times and allowing for better trip planning. Additionally, the introduction of digital ticketing options, including Mobile Tickets and NCMC-enabled Smart Cards, will promote cashless payments, ensuring maximum convenience for passengers.

In a bid to cater to the diverse travel needs of citizens, NMC is rolling out Travel Plans and Passes. These customized offerings promise not only convenience and savings for passengers but also a secure and guaranteed revenue stream for NMC, fostering loyalty to the bus service and ultimately increasing ridership.

Improving Bus Operations

Streamlining bus operations is another crucial aspect of Nagpur’s digital transformation. Electronic Ticket Issuing Machines (ETIM) will automate the ticket issuance process, reducing the risk of cash pilferage and revenue leakage. The Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS) will ensure efficient revenue collection from both cash and digital payments in real-time.

The Automated Vehicle Location System (AVLS) will enhance the tracking and management of the entire bus fleet, allowing for precise allocation of vehicles based on demand. Digital ticketing will lead to less cash on buses, reducing pilferage and cash handling costs, ultimately boosting overall revenue.

Data Analytics through MIS

Harnessing the power of data analytics, Nagpur aims to gain valuable insights into passenger behaviors, preferences, and travel patterns. By analyzing both demand and supply data, the city can forecast peak travel times and optimize the deployment of the bus fleet. This data-driven approach will improve route and operational efficiency, identifying underutilized routes and maximizing cost-effectiveness for Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

100% Digital Buses

The future of Nagpur’s public bus service is envisioned as 100% digital. Equipped with automatic tap-in and tap-out technology, passengers will simply tap their card or scan their app when boarding and disembarking. This innovation eliminates the need for human intervention in ticketing, leading to fully automated digital bus ticketing. Fares will be calculated and deducted automatically based on the distance traveled, ensuring zero cash transactions and, consequently, zero revenue leakage.

This modernization effort will also result in significant savings on manpower costs, offering compatibility with pre-paid wallet tickets, passes, and travel plans. Automatic revenue settlements will directly benefit the bank account of the NMC.

Case Study

The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking (BEST) in Mumbai serves as an inspiring case study for Nagpur’s digitalization journey. BEST witnessed a remarkable 55% increase in ridership, reduced paper roll usage, and cash collection savings. The implementation of a live-tracking feature through a mobile app also led to saving 6 lakh productive man-days per month.

A Future of Enhanced Public Transportation

With the adoption of similar technologies and digital solutions, Nagpur aims to replicate these successes. The city’s digital transformation promises increased revenue, enhanced fleet utilization, and vastly improved public transportation services. Nagpur Municipal Corporation envisions a future of greater service reliability and sustainability, setting the stage for a global standard in public transportation services.

For the same NMC had floated the tender which is in final stages. It will bring great convenience to Nagpurians and regular commuters .

 – Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha (9850503020)

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