Nagpur Rural Police & NGO collaborate to sensitise officials in dealing with victims of abuse and trauma

Nagpur :- Nagpur Rural Police in collaboration with Prakruthi Organisation organised a two-day capacity building session on trauma-informed care and victim assistance at the Commissioner Office (Nagpur Police). 95 police officials including Police Kakas, Police Didis, Anti Human Trafficking Unit members, Women Cell staff, and Child Welfare Police Officers from every police station of Nagpur Rural were sensitized by team Prakruthi for handling traumatized girls and women victims with empathy.

Vishal Anand Singuri, Superintendent of Police, Nagpur Rural and Sandip Pakhale, Add. Superintendent of Police, Nagpur Rural appreciated the session and the initiative of Prakruthi Organisation with their messages. “Trauma-informed policing is an approach that recognises the impact of trauma on individuals and communities and seeks to minimise the traumatization by providing support, empathy and understanding. Through this training, we aim to create a more supportive environment for victims of crime, and going ahead, we look forward to more such training sessions”, said Kumudini Pathode, Incharge, Bharosa Cell, Nagpur Rural. Mushtak Pathan, DPCU, Nagpur and Chhaya Raut, Chairperson, Child Welfare Committee also addressed.

Prakruthi Organisation, known for its work in empowering girls and women through sustainable behaviour change interventions, conducted this session where police officials shared their experiences, taken insights from the experts and also learned emotional self-care to mitigate the potential secondary trauma.

“It is our constant endeavour to support Nagpur Police with creative ways to deal with sensitive cases. This session is just one way to show and extend our support. Going forward, we intend to conduct training sessions and implement refresher modules when required. We’ll soon collaborate with Mumbai Police as well for a similar training module in the near future,” a Prakruthi spokesperson said. Nagpur police has been focusing on prevention of crime through awareness, especially in case of crimes against women and children.


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