Nagpur Round Table 83 organises blood donation camp 

Nagpur :- Blood donation is an act of giving that saves millions of lives every year. Donating blood is a selfless act that has numerous health benefits for the donor as well. Blood donation helps in maintaining good health by reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer, and it also helps in replenishing the blood supply for those in need. In addition, it can help improve the donor’s mental well-being by providing a sense of purpose and satisfaction in knowing that they have helped save a life.

On 12th March, a blood donation drive event in association with Jeevan Jyoti Blood Bank was organized at Gondwana Gallery (Ramdaspeth) in Nagpur as part of the national service initiative of Round Table India. The event was attended by many members of Round Table 83 Nagpur, who came together to donate blood and support this worthy cause. It was attended by Abhay Agrawal, Ritesh Saraf, Manohar Wadhwani, Manish Goyal, Pratik Munot, Nilay Verma,

Ajay Chandwani. Sawrabh Taori, Rahul Poddar, Shivagya Arora, Prateek Minocha, Jasmohan Singh, Ashish Patel, Rahul Gugaliya, Sharad Agrawal, Kartikeya Chaturvedi, Meeta Agrawal, Kajal Munot, Heena Saraf.

The event was a part of the larger initiative of Round Table International Global Drive, which aims to promote community service and goodwill in national and international affairs.

Round Table India is a young men’s organization that aims to promote community service and goodwill in national and international affairs. With over 65,000 members in 67 countries worldwide, Round Table India has more than 320 tables located in 95 plus cities and towns. The organization has been working towards the education of underprivileged children and has built 7890 classrooms across India, impacting 8.67 million children. Round Table India is a zero-overhead organization, which means that every rupee raised by the organization goes purely into charitable projects.

In conclusion, donating blood is a simple and effective way to save lives and promote good health. The blood donation drive event organized by Round Table 83 Nagpur is a testament to the organization’s commitment to community service and goodwill.

Round Table India’s efforts towards the education of underprivileged children and other charitable projects and the organization’s zero-overhead policy ensures that every donation goes towards making a meaningful impact in the lives of those in need.

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