Nagpur Kala Sangh’s Young Artists Program and Art Bazaar leave a mark at its debut edition

Nagpur :- Nagpur Kala Sangh’s debut edition of the public art festival, supported by the Yuj Arts Foundation, has been a resounding success, with the Young Artists Programand the Art Bazaar receiving high praise from attendees.It has created a buzz in the artistic community, surpassing expectations and leaving a lasting impression on art lovers across the region. Sumi Gupta, Curator of Nagpur Kala Sangh iselated to see the overwhelming response and says the annual, month-long festival is committed to encouraging and nurturing artistic talent in Nagpur through future events at VR Nagpur.

Recently held Young Artists Programbrought together over 200 students from local and international schools in Nagpur. The program aimed to uncover and nurture young artists’ natural talents, giving them a platform to display their creativity and artistic abilities. The students could express themselves and their innovative ideas through art, expanding their imaginations, displaying their emotions, and embracing individuality and confidence. The program also allowed students to interact with other students from different backgrounds, broadening their outlook and providing exposure to works of emerging and renowned artists at the Nagpur Kala Sangh’s “A Fine Balance” – 2023 Art Exhibit.

Another attraction of the festival, the Art Bazaar, held at VR Nagpur for three days, was an abundance of everything art, with diverse artists, small enterprises, and local artisans from Nagpur exhibiting their independent initiatives. Over 30 handicraftsmen, artists, and artisans engaged in the Nagpur Kala Sangh’s Art Bazaar. The artisans offered diverse products, including home décor, framed artwork, skin care, handcrafted jewellery, local souvenirs, antique pieces, and live painting stations. The Art Bazaar aimed to promote Nagpur’s local artisans and create a melange of art, culture, music, and dance for the public at VR Nagpur.

The public art festival, Nagpur Kala Sangh, is a dazzling showcase of over 250 captivating art installations, sculptures, paintings, and photographs. These inspiring works of art are a testament to the festival’s theme of ‘A Fine Balance’ and have been brought to life through extraordinary partnerships with leading institutions and esteemed individuals from Nagpur’s artistic community. The festival’s collaborators this year, including the JD Institute of Fashion Technology, International School of Trends, Cinderbay School of Design, Makers Adda, and MSU Baroda, have contributed to creating a truly exceptional event. Renowned artists like Prakash Bal Joshi, Mukesh Parpiani, Amaan Ali, Vibha Galhotra, Prof. Radhika Wader, and Prof. Bhrighu Sharma have displayed incredible work, leaving audiences in awe. Furthermore, the festival’s venue partner, VR Nagpur, has provided the perfect setting for this artistic extravaganza.

Nagpur Kala Sangh is excited to invite you to participate in a series of invigorating events that offer a platform to express your creativity and contribute towards a more sustainable future.Over the next few weeks, we have planned a range of exciting events, such as workshops on art, photography, and sculpture, as well as art cinema screenings, open mic events for poetry and music, and much more.Whether you are a seasoned art connoisseur or simply curious to explore your creative side, we urge you to join us on this thrilling journey, where we can work together towards fostering greater creativity and a brighter future for all. The first Public Art Festival in Nagpurwill run until 5th March 2023 at VR Nagpur, Rambagh Layout, Untkhana.


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