Mother’s Day Special Beauty & Grooming workshop At Symbiosis Centre for Skill Development Held on 7/05/2024

Nagpur :-Mothers from different community were gathered for a special workshop focused on self-care and beauty enhancement. The event was hosted by SCSD Beauty & Grooming department by Veena Bahekar, the event featured sessions on advanced facial techniques, roll-on waxing, and mastering the art of self-makeup.

A total 46 enthusiastic participants gathered to learn at workshops. From skincare routines to makeup application tips, the sessions were designed to empower mothers to look and feel their best. They were also encouraged to become self-employed. Other skilled based certificate program was introduced like English Communication, Graphic Designing, Laptop Mobile CCTV Repairing & Home Automation, Photography & film making, Hair Chemical course.

Throughout the event, mothers not only enjoyed the hands-on experience but also had the opportunity to learn the tips of having beauty services. The atmosphere was filled with excitement. The demo was performed by previous batch students trained by Veena, this showed that how confidently & fearlessly they performed in front of the audience.

As the workshops concluded, many participants expressed their eagerness to continue their beauty journey by enrolling in the Beauty and Grooming Course offered by the SCSD. Recognizing the importance of ongoing education and skill development, they saw the course as a valuable opportunity to enhance their knowledge and expertise in the field of beauty and self-care.

In a special moment of recognition, Kirti Shende was felicitated for her outstanding efforts in gathering the maximum number of participants for the workshop. Her dedication and commitment to empowering mothers in the community were applauded by all attendees. Skin & hair salon service discount coupons were gifted as a token of love to the participants.

Many participants registered themselves for certificate program for Beauty & Grooming.

Overall, the Mother’s Day workshop served as a memorable and enriching experience for all participants, highlighting the importance of self-care and celebrating the beauty of motherhood.

Upcoming Workshop at SCSD 

Date: 13th May (Monday) – Advanced Facial Techniques, Roll-On Waxing, & Art of Self-Makeup.

For Free Registration – Send your name & What’s app number at 8983344340 / 0712-619-2352

Date: 29th May (Wednesday) – Eye Makeup on Eye Dummy, Colour wheel & Techniques of Quick makeup.

For Free Registration – Send your name & What’s app number at 8983344340 /0712-619-2352

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